Watch Paramore claim the world record for goofing off in new ‘Ain’t It Fun’ video

01.29.14 4 years ago
The adorable alt-rockers in Paramore refuse to grow up – and we wouldn”t have it any other way. The new video for “Ain’t It Fun” captures the band on a mission to break as many ridiculous world records as possible. Watch what happens below.
In the pop song off the band’s 2013 self-titled album, Hayley Williams sarcastically belts the lyrics “ain”t it fun living in the real world.” The trio appropriately abandons adult life in the video, taking a joy ride to the country where they smash 30 clocks with guitars, count the feathers after a pillow fight and run backwards while blindfolded and holding stuffed animals.
The band tracked its ten world records on and encourages fans to challenge them, but, hey, maybe don”t try this at home.

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