Watch: Pitbull responds to Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit; asks her to VMAs

08.25.11 6 years ago

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Here”s an interesting response to a lawsuit. Nearly a week after after Lindsay Lohan filed a lawsuit alleging that Pitbull”s use of her name in his mega-hit “Give Me Everything” has caused her great damage, the Cuban rapper has issued an invitation to the troubled actress to be his date to this Sunday”s MTV Video Music Awards where he”ll perform the song.

“I”d like to send out an invitation to Lindsay Lohan. Hopefully she can come with me to the VMAs and we can figure this out,” he says in a interview posted on today.

In her lawsuit, Lohan alleges that by name dropping her in the song, Pitbull and the No. 1 song”s “wide appeal” has caused her “Irreparable harm.”  More so than jail? Does she really need help in doing that? 

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In the song, Pitbull raps, “Hustlers move in silence, so I”m tiptoe-in, so keep flowin”, I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.”

Pitbull says he thought the lawsuit was a joke. “When I mentioned Lindsay Lohan in the record, it was a positive message…When I say I got it locked up… it you”re from the neighborhood, when they say you got it locked, locked up, that means you run the area.”

As far as a next step or a settlement, Pitbull says, “that we don’t know about, that has to come from the attorneys, this is very very fresh.”


Planet Pit Exclusive: Pitbull speaks on Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit from Planet Pit on Vimeo.

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