Watch: Showtime enlists a new ‘Homeland’ teaser

05.23.11 7 years ago 3 Comments


Shortly after ordering the new drama “Homeland” to series, Showtime released an extended teaser video that was little more than a few extended scenes to give a flavor for the pilot. On Sunday (May 22), Showtime dropped a more slickly cut-together trailer.
It begins with a quote from Sun Tzu, so you know it isn’t messing around. From there, it establishes the premise quickly: Damian Lewis plays an American POW, long thought lost behind enemy lines. He returns to the United States as a hero, but one frantic CIA agent (Claire Danes) thinks he may be part of a terrorist plot. Paranoia and “Manchurian Candidate” homages ensue.
“Homeland” was adapted from the Israeli format “Prisoners of War” by Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa and original creator Gideon Raff. The drama isn’t expected to premiere until early 2012 and production won’t begin until later this summer.
Check out the trailer:

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