Watch:The Avett Brothers live their lives in new video for ‘Live and Die’

09.14.12 5 years ago

The Avett Bros.” music is often simple fare. They play into the low-key aspect of their sound with the video for “Live and Die,” from their new album, “The Carpenter.”

The video is composed totally of the quintet playing the song live in a rehearsal room, with Seth and Scott Avett”s harmonies shining through. The performance footage is interspersed with scenes of the band members talking outside, the Avett Brothers working out the song, Scott Avett drawing (he”s a very accomplished artist) and even Scott watering plants outside of a stately mansion.

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In other words, they”re showing what living is all about…and as the lyrics suggest, “we”re all the same.” Although I would argue some are more talented than others. There”s something very 1970s-ish Laurel Canyon/post-Hippie-ish about the whole thing. It suits the song perfectly.

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