Watch: James Franco started a band, made a weird music video

05.29.13 5 years ago

Y’all got Daddy issues? He he he. Daddy is the name of James Franco’s new band, which is comprised of JF and his friend Tim O’Keefe, and “Crime (tfo remix)” is what they have called their video. It appears to be made from “Spring Breakers” footage that has been microwaved, run through the washing machine, and chewed up by a puppy. The track features vocals from none other than Smokey Robinson, so that’s weird and dignified, I guess.

If you so desire, you can download Daddy’s EP for free here, and/or you can watch another of their music videos. This one is called “Love in the Old Days (Kolour Kult Remix),” and if you’re into Satanism and not really being able to see what’s going on, then you are gonna love it.

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