Watch: Odin punishes, Natalie Portman charms, big guys fight in new ‘Thor’ clips

04.30.11 6 years ago 4 Comments


Can’t wait until May 6 to see “Thor” on the big screen (and in IMAX 3D, natch)? 

Then check out these three brief clips to get an idea of what director Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of the classic Marvel comic book series will look like.

In clip one, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) gets in a whole lot of trouble with his dear old dad, Odin (Sir Anthony Hopkins), whose punishment kicks off the Thor-on-Earth storyline. 

Clip two features some muddy wrestling and a glimpse of Mjolnir, Thor’s mythical magic hammer (cue led Zep’s “Immigrant Song”). Plus, a man with a bow appears to be watching…Robin Hood? Legolas? Green Arrow? You’ll just have to wait and see the movie.

Finally, clip three brings some comic relief. Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings visit the hospital while Thor fights his way through the medical ward. Those hospital bills are enough to drive anyone berserker.

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