Watch: Tim McGraw’s ‘Truck Yeah’ video

09.17.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

Tim McGraw”s new video for his current single, “Truck Yeah,” came out today and let”s start with the positive. First off, the clip could have featured a truckload of scantily-clad country cuties in Daisy Dukes bent salaciously over their men”s trucks and the video does not (I know that is a detriment to some). Instead, the lone female in the video is driving herself, she”s dressed sexily but not tackily, and is in complete control. Yeah, girls drive trucks too…

Secondly, though Chevrolet does get a little more branding than the rest, McGraw displays equal love for Chevy, Ford, and Dodge trucks. We”re sure there”s a commercial tie-in coming down the road, but this isn”t it.

Third, as always, McGraw looks hot.

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That”s all I”ve got. In what could have been a fun song for one of McGraw”s stupider songs, instead we get a bunch of trucks in the dirt and McGraw looking as if he”d rather be having a root canal than be surrounded by all that metal. McGraw is an energetic, strong performer, but he walks through this one as if he can”t wait to climb back into his Prius and get home to the wife and kids. Speaking of his wife, he and Faith Hill start a Las Vegas residency in December.

We see trucks of all different makes and models, including some 18 wheelers, convene at some vacant lot in Chattanooga, and as night falls, the trucks surround McGraw, illuminating his tepid performance with their headlights. This is the best you”ve got? Where”s the fun?  Where’s the attitude that’s conveyed in the song? Where”s the energy that could have surrounded the silliness of “Truck Yeah?”The video runs out of gas before it gets started.

If you”re “hillbilly proud,” you may feel differently.


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