Watch: Zach Galifianakis in My Morning Jacket’s new video for ‘Outta My System’

08.06.12 5 years ago

He doesn”t utter a word and he doesn”t even appear in real life, but Zach Galifianakis threatens to steal the show in My Morning Jacket”s new music video for “Outta My System.”

The James Frost-directed clip for the song, which is a lilting, wistful reflection on growing up and getting the wild living out of your system before settling down…or not, opens with lead singer Jim James walking in very furry boots and his cape (YAY! Long live the cape), walking down a desolate road. He jumps down a rabbit hole and turns into a one-eyed cartoon. The rest of his band, also now Cyclops themselves, show up, they jump into a flying car and go on a colorful, “Yellow Submarine” type journey. Overseeing it all is a cartoon image of Galifianakis as a wizard of sorts, who shoots lightning bolts out of his fingers. Of course, as it has in other clips, the freaky green eye from the cover of “Circuital” makes an appearance.

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It”s a trippy, fun clip that matches the whimsy of the lyrics. The song has a minute-long instrumental outro that plays over the credits. It”s a nice way to ease out of the world you and MMJ have just visited and transition back to  real life, which won”t seem nearly as interesting or colorful.

On Aug. 7, MMJ will release “The Outta My System” EP, which features remixes by Washed Out and TV on the Radio”s Dave Sitek, as well as some other goodies. 

MMJ continues on its summer tour tonight at Kansas City”s Starlight Theater. On Friday the band announced that its 2012 Red Red performances will be available through its newly launched Official Bootleg section on its website for $9.99/show.

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