We’re terrified of how awesome ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ looks

03.31.15 3 years ago

I'm not a comic book guy. I'm not a “Fast” or “Furious” guy. I'm not even a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” guy. The last time I was excited for an action movie was probably “Street Fighter” in '94 because I loved the game, and we all know how traumatizing that turned out to be.

But “Mad Max: Fury Road” looks like it can make a believer out of an action non-fan. The new trailer released today is stunning, a medley of desert vistas and eye-popping machinery that puts your regular old thunderdomes to shame. Tom Hardy is chilling. Charlize Theron is ferocious. I can't believe I can't wait for this movie. 

“Mad Max: Fury Road” opens May 15.

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