What If These Disney Characters Were Hogwarts Students?

04.09.14 3 years ago

Artist Annabella cherry picked some the most iconic characters from the Disney stable and asked the obvious question. What Hogwarts House would they be sorted into? Turns out if Disney heroes found themselves transported to the world of Harry Potter, both Hufflepuff and Gryffindor would see a huge uptick in their numbers.

Ariel and Eric – 'The Little Mermaid' and Snow White and Prince Charming – 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves'

Art By: Annabella

Courage and chivalry to the point of recklessness? Definitely describes two people who risked everything for a love they barely knew.

Patience, kindness, and tolerance? Snow is the traits of Hufflepuff given human form. Her Prince wasn't fleshed out but he seemed pretty cool with her living with seven dudes.


Jasmine and Aladdin – 'Aladdin,' Merida – 'Brave,' & Flynn and Rapunzel – 'Tangled'

Art By: Annabella

Whatever is going on here, Jasmine is showing traits of her House by wisely leaving. Aladdin must have been in a Harry Potter sorting hat situation, could've gone Slytherin easy. But Merida, Flynn, and Rapunzel are definitely in their right respective Houses.

After the jump where Annabella thinks your favorite character would be assigned by the Sorting Hat!

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