When big movie stars bomb at the box office

06.02.13 5 years ago 17 Comments

Hollywood and the media may love to go overboard hyping box office success, but they also love nothing more than celebrating their icons spectacular failures. That’s one reason there has been so much chatter this weekend over the disappointing results for Will and Jaden Smith’s new Sci-Fi adventure “After Earth.” Big Willie has long been the movie industry’s $100 million man. One of the few real movie stars who can open a movie on his starpower and name alone.  And, whether it was profitable or not, “Earth” was expected to at least keep that string of hits — interrupted by 2008’s “Seven Pounds” — going.  Instead, Smith has found himself with one of the biggest bombs of his career. 

Obviously, Smith isn’t the first among his peers to face humbling rejection from audiences. Every star has a flop or two in their closet they would rather forget about. With that in mind, check out the embedded story gallery for 20 real movie stars (meaning they are actually known for opening films – a big distinction) and their biggest flops to date. You might find a surprise or two in the mix.

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