When it comes to bad ‘Fuller House’ reviews, John Stamos gives as good as he gets

03.04.16 1 year ago


When it comes down to it, Full House was a cheesy family sitcom that won a place in the hearts of nostalgic Millennials and Gen Xers for being exactly that. No one was winning an Emmy for this stuff, you won't find it on a list of Classic Great Television Shows of Our Time, but the kids loved it all the same.

The Netflix revival has followed along those same lines, and been critically skewered for it. John Stamos stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers last night and was forced to listen to some of the nastiest reviews of the show.

To Stamos's credit, he shrugged them off, even altering a famous Full House catchphrase accordingly by inserting a bad worse in between “how” and “rude!”

He also demanded that Meyers say the reviewer's name before reading select nasty passages, only to then scoff “it doesn't matter” if Meyers pronounced their names correctly or not. 

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