Shonda Rhimes profiled: The ABC hitmaker describes herself as a Tracy Flick-type

05.09.13 4 years ago

Shonda Rhimes profiled: The ABC hitmaker describes herself as a Tracy Flick-type

Rhimes, the subject of a NY Times Magazine profile, says she’s earned a lot of political capital that ABC no longer sends her notes about “Scandal.” “I had done ‘Grey’s,’ I had done ‘Private Practice.” What were they going to do, fire me? I wasn”t worried about what anybody else thought. This one was for me.”

Which ABC pilots didn’t make the cut?

Kelly Preston’s “Keep Calm And Karey On,” John Leguizamo’s “King John” and Melissa George’s “Gothica” are not going forward. PLUS: Will ABC’s “S.H.I.E.L.D.” have a Hulk connection?

Coming to Ovation: Jon Hamm & Daniel Radcliffe

Their four-part miniseries will air on the arts channel.

Mitt Romney to visit Jay Leno next week

The former GOP presidential candidate is making his first late-night appearance since the election. In fact, his only late-night appearance during last year’s campaign was on “The Tonight Show.”

“The Office” is going out on a high note

Even Andy Bernard has been redeemed.

Amy Poehler & Nick Kroll: A couple?

After being spotted on a date last month, the two funny people are now dating, according to Us Weekly.

Hilarie Burton taking a lot of heat for her “Grey’s” guest stint
People who haven’t spoken to her in a while are “upset that I’m disrupting things,” she says.

“Real Housewives of NY” stars are banding together to get a raise
They’re vowing not to continue until they get huge raises.

Aaron Paul: “Breaking Bad” has yet to air my favorite “bitch”

“Aw, man, there is one coming up in the final set of episodes that is just perfect,” he says. “You haven’t seen it yet, but you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when you do. It’s amazing.” PLUS: Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks are watching “Breaking Bad.”

Ian Somerhalder tweets cryptic quote after after split with Nina Dobrev

“A thought for today: ‘People change and forget to tell each other,'” Somerhalder tweeted. Was he alluding to his “Vampire Diaries” co-star? PLUS: “Vampire” season finale poster unveiled.

Ex-Agents sue Donald Faison over his “Scrubs” money

The United Talent Agency claims Faison stopped paying his 10% fee in Season 9.

“HIMYM” teases “the mother of all secrets”

Watch the promo for Monday’s season finale.

Amy Sherman-Palladino reacts to her “Bunheads” limbo
She calls it “a little heartbreaking.”

“Dawn” from “Mad Men” tells of her reaction to getting a meaty episode
“Whoa, this is a lot of paper!,” says Teyonah Parris, who suddenly finds herself playing one of Don Draper’s longest-serving secretaries. PLUS: Meet secretary Meredith.

Nat Geo announces a new slogan as shifts towards shows like “Wicked Tuna”

The new slogan is: “The places we take you … aren’t just on the map.”

Jon Cryer looks back at his acting career

From working with Charlie Sheen in the ’90s to working with Sheen in the ’00s.

Charisma Carpenter would like to be in the “Veronica Mars” movie

But it looks like there won’t be Kendall Casablancas in the “Veronica” film.

Meredith Baxter: On “Glee,” you don’t have to make a statement

She says of her guest role of being in a lesbian relationship with Patty Duke: “I’m on Glee, I don’t have to make a social statement. It’s done.”

“Homeland” is seeking extras who look South American or Latin American
Also wanted: “Washington Power Types” and “CIA Types/Government Types.”

Check out Matt Groening’s “Simpsons” family tree
How does his real family stack up to his fake family?

Natalie Dormer takes a break to get under Sherlock’s skin on “Elementary”

Dormer’s three-episode arc kicks off tonight.

Susan Lucci: “We’re trying” to work out a deal with “All My Children”
Lucci says she hopes to appear on the online version of “AMC.”

See a preview of Fox’s “Survivor” meets “The Office”

On “Does Someone Have to Go?,” the employees decide who gets fired.

“New Girl” producers dig into Season 2, episode by episode

Why did they receive a notice from Fox Broadcasting Standards and Practices?

Why are children so obsessed with Elmo?
Is it his “mother-ese”? Or his bright red color?

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