Which network TV shows are on the bubble?

04.09.14 4 years ago

Which network TV shows are on the bubble?
All of ABC”s freshmen dramas, including “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” look safe. But ABC”s new comedies, including “Trophy Wife,” are in danger of cancelation. And so is “Parenthood” and “Revolution.”

Jane Pauley joins CBS News
The former NBC “Today” star will contribute to “CBS Sunday Morning,” CBS News” Bob Scheiffer announced tonight.

In 2012, more parents named their daughters “Khaleesi” than “Betsy”
“Game of Thrones” fans have also been responsible for the growing number of babies named “Arya.”

“Glee”s” Chris Colfer to visit “Hot in Cleveland”
He'll guest as Wendie Malick”s son. PLUS: Naya Rivera”s engagement to Big Sean is off over a cheating scandal.

FX boss complains that Netflix strips off “FX” and “AMC” from FX and AMC shows
In contrast, John Landgraf notes, Netflix likes to identify its shows as “A Netflix Original Series” but doesn”t like other shows to be associated with their networks.

ABC wants “Nashville” to become a multimedia property
The network hopes to make a lot of money from a concert special, the soundtracks and a three-city tour. “We”ve always regarded this as an opportunity for a larger franchise beyond a scripted TV show,” says exec producer Steve Buchanan.

“Saved by the Bell” creator is now an award-winning playwright
Sam Bobrick, 81, retired from Hollywood after “Saved by the Bell” ended in 1993: “I had always hoped that I'd be able to quit TV and concentrate on plays before I turned sixty,” he says. “It seems so did the networks. So it worked out well for both of us.”

Cinemax producers sue actress for refusing to film a nude sex scenes
Actress Anne Greene signed a nudity rider to appear in the 2011 series “Femme Fatales. But when it came time to film the scene, she refused, according to the lawsuit.

In defense of splitting up “Mad Men”s” final season
The concept of the season is evolving…

Patrick Duffy talks “Step by Step” and “Dallas”
Duffy still communicates with his former “Step by Step” co-stars Suzanne Somers, Staci Keanan and Christine Lakin, he reveals in a Reddit AMA. He even wrote a letter of recommendation for Keanan when she applied for law school.

“Justified” is proof that making quality TV is hard
But the FX series earned a pass on this disappointing season, says Tim Goodman, something that other shows can”t count on. PLUS: “Justified” isn”t broken.

Good riddance to Barbara Walters
Walters, says Alex Pareene, is “is a national icon and a pioneer, and probably as responsible as any other living person for the ridiculous and sorry state of American television journalism.”

Letterman owns “The Late Show,” something that will never happen again
Even in 1993, when CBS gave David Letterman ownership rights via his Worldwide Pants production company, ownership was unheard of outside of Oprah.

National Constitution Center and Julia Louis-Dreyfus mock Rolling Stone”s “Veep” flub
The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia tweeted a photo of the founding fathers looking down at the Rolling Stone cover, while Louis-Dreyfus blamed “Veep”s” Mike.

See Sandra Oh”s “Grey”s Anatomy” farewell gift
A fan sent her a celebration of Cristina Yang.

This season”s “Wife Swap”-ers include Jermaine Jackson, Laila Ali, Robin Leach
Also, Eric Roberts, Tichina Arnold and “California Dreams” star Kelly Packard.

Heidi Klum under fire for having her “Germany”s Next Top Model” contestants wear redface
The German contestants were brought to Utah, where they were dressed as Native Americans.

More and more TV characters are watching other shows
“Parks and Rec,” “Trophy Wife” and “Happy Endings” have all name-dropped “Scandal.”

Recalling Sen. Al Franken”s “SNL” career
Franken”s work on “Saturday Night Live” spanned three decades.

Bob Saget banned his daughters from watching “Full House”
“I kind of forbid them to watch it… it was forbidden,” he says, adding that he couldn”t stand to watch a kids” show after coming home from work. PLUS: 5 “Full House” revelations from Saget”s new memoir.

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