‘Lord of the Freaks’: Watch the trailer for the provocative documentary

06.30.15 2 years ago


Who is Alki David?

The eccentric Greek billionaire made news (and late-night monologues) in 2010 when he offered $1 million to any person who streaked in front of President Obama, but he's also the owner of several businesses, including the Internet-based TV provider FilmOn, 9021go.com, modeling agency Independent Models and HologramUSA, which once planned to tour a hologram of late soul singer Amy Winehouse. But he's perhaps become most notorious as the purveyor of streaming video site BattleCam.com, described as “a bizarre playground that”s like YouTube on acid”:

“For five years Greek billionaire Alki David has presided over this mayhem, issuing potentially deadly dares, paying out huge sums of cash, and enjoying as stars of all kinds dropped by to join in.”

Does this sound like your thing? Do you get a kick out of watching infamous celebrities like Fred Durst, Kato Kaelin, Amy Fisher, Corey Feldman and Bai Ling do wacky stuff? If so, the Andrew Treglia-directed documentary “Lord of the Freaks” — which held its premiere last night at Hollywood's Egyptian Theater with guests including Andy Dick, Janice Dickinson, Flo Rida and Ron Jeremy — is probably a thing you'd enjoy watching. You can check out the trailer for the documentary below, which is now available via iTunes and other digital distribution sites, in addition to streaming at FilmOn.com.

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