Who was that lady in the cave? 6 characters the latest ‘Ultron’ mystery woman could be

01.13.15 3 years ago

Marvel Entertainment

Last night, Marvel released the latest trailer for “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.” If you haven”t seen it yet, head over here to watch. We”ll wait.

Okay? Everyone here? Great. There was quite a bit of new footage; from hints at Black Widow”s origin to more of the Hulkbuster fight, Marvel dropped tantalizing hints as to the scope of Joss Whedon”s film. But one moment stood out. Who is this!?

This is the second mystery lady to crop up in an “Age of Ultron” trailer. Earlier this year, I contemplated who Claudia Kim is playing. But as for this woman? IMDB doesn”t even have her listed as in the film. So is she a cameo? Or is Marvel waiting to spring a surprise on us? And just what is that golden sheen on her skull?

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

After the jump, check out a half dozen potential Marvel characters who could be de-robing in that cave.

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