Who’s that girl? 7 characters ‘Age of Ultron’ actress Kim Soo-hyun could be playing


Marvel Entertainment

The extended trailer for “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” dropped today, and with it audiences got their first good look at Marvel”s mystery girl. Behold, actress Kim Soo-hyun – also known as Claudia Kim – in all her mildly terrified glory.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

But who is she in-universe? Marvel has been characteristically tight-lipped as to what role Kim will be portraying. Other than a tweet from the actress nearly a year ago, there is precious little information to go on. Rumors say Kim has a “substantial supporting role” but who wants to settle for something so boilerplate? Boring!

With a little theorizing on who would be the most useful and/or likely to show up in an Ultron storyline, HitFix collected a few potential candidates for Kim”s Marvel debut. Warning: Potential spoilers lie ahead.

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