Why Hugh Laurie in “Tomorrowland” is my #WeirdCrushWednesday

06.10.15 3 years ago

Our weekly column in which writers reveal the odd little corners of the internet that have become their personal obsessions.

This week, my #WeirdCrushWednesday is Hugh Laurie in Tomorrowland.

Why it”s weird: Hugh Laurie plays David Nix, the Governor of Tomorrowland with a sinister and sophisticated plan to quicken the process of global destruction (spoiler!). Plus, he goes around wearing a reptilian spacesuit that trails as he walks.

Why I have a crush: Normally, I see Hugh Laurie”s sexy face when binge watching House on Netflix:

Dr. Gregory House is the only fictional male character I could ever um, let”s say, picture myself with, so imagine him plus a British accent plus a power struggle with George Clooney and surely you see why I”m in love with David Nix, Governor of Tomorrowland.

No? You don”t see it. Well hey, I”m weird, and this has been my #WeirdCrushWednesday. 

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