Why Peter Capaldi is the ideal ‘Doctor Who’ pick

08.05.13 4 years ago


Why Peter Capaldi is the ideal “Doctor Who” pick

It’s a ballsy move, one that gives “Who” credibility, especially with such a versatile actor. PLUS: Why it’s disappointing another male got the job, read 15-year-old Capaldi’s “Who” letter, it’s a profane “Who”,  listen to Capaldi & Craig Ferguson’s punk band, here’s a guide to Capaldi for Americans, and will Capaldi lose teenage American girls who jumped on the Matt Smith bandwagon?

Jaime Pressly lands a TV Land sitcom
“Jennifer Falls” has Pressly moving with her daughter back in with her mom and working as a waitress in her hometown.

“The Office” audition tapes: Watch Seth Rogen, John Cho, Adam Scott, Bob Odenkirk from 10 years ago
Also, see Eric Stonestreet and Kathryn Hahn audition in fall 2003.

Oprah doesn’t want to be asked about Paula Deen
“Oh my god! I don’t have anything to do with Paula Deen,” she laughed to “Extra.” “She is not the first white lady to use the ‘n” word! Good lord!”

Aaron Sorkin: We couldn’t re-do “West Wing” pilot today; Chris Christie has the most dramatic potential
Asked if he could make a contemporary version of “The West Wing,” Sorkin says, “I think the wish-fulfillment of leaders-in either party-that wanted to get things done would probably be just as welcome today. The real difference is that we know more about the White House than we did just 10 or 15 years ago. The opening sequence of the pilot depended entirely on the audience not being familiar with the acronym “POTUS”. We couldn’t do that opening today.” PLUS: “The Newsroom’s” Africa plot was stupid and offensive.

No more “Revenge” love quadrangle
With a new showrunner, “Revenge” is going to be simpler in Season 3, with the quadrangle reduced to a love triangle. PLUS: Emily VanCamp: “Revenge” is going back to its roots.

“Breaking Bad” hype: Enough already!
Has there been too much coverage of Sunday’s season premiere? PLUS: Steve Jobs meets “Breaking Bad,” and Jimmy Fallon wears a Walter White mask while interviewing Bryan Cranston.

“The O.C.” creator got nervous when MTV announced “Laguna Beach”

Josh Schwartz, reflecting on the 10th anniversary, says of his reaction when the MTV reality show debuted, “‘Oh crap, this is the real version.’ It’s very hard to do the fake version when the real version is out there.” PLUS: More with Schwartz, how “The O.C. glamorized teen drinking, the 21 most important musical moments, bands made popular from “The O.C.,” the 10 best things “The O.C.” gave us, what “The O.C.” taught us about high school romance, the cast Then & Now, another Then & Now, 17 things you probably didn’t know, like that Shailene Woodley was dumped as Kaitlin Cooper.

“New Girl’s” Lamorne Morris on Coach’s return: “I think it’ll be great”
“I think we”re gonna dive into some of Coach”s backstory, maybe, to see why he left the loft, to see why we know each other,” he says. PLUS: Zooey Deschanel talks Season 3.

Hyundai launches “The Walking Dead Chop Shop” App

Transform vehicles into zombie-killing survival machines.

Netflix will show Starz’s “Marco Polo”
The nine-episode series will go to Netflix after airing on Starz.

Watch the 1st episode of “Hey Girl,” MTV’s sketch show for girls
MTV premiered “Hey Girl” on Sunday with four episodes and little promotion.

“Duck Dynasty” stars hit the Christian lecture circuit
The Robertsons have rubbed shoulders with everybody from Rick Warren to Tim Tebow in preaching the gospel.

Watch Mike Rowe’s voiceover technique

The “Dirty Jobs” star uses a scratch track.

Tatiana Maslany uses different music playlists to slip into each “Orphan Black” character
“Music is huge,” she says. “I have different playlists for each that I feel is the rhythm of that character, whether that”s how they walk or would dance, or the internal chaos going on inside them, or the melody of their voice.”

Ryan Murphy offers more “American Horror Story” details
He says of “Coven”: “It’s much more buoyant and comedic and crafty than last season, which was much darker by design because it was about heavy social stuff.” PLUS: See pics from the set.

“SpongeBob” going on a nationwide Toyota tour
A special “SpongeBob” SUV is being used to promote happy driving — and the Highlander.

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