Why ‘Survivor’ endures

05.21.14 3 years ago

Why “Survivor” endures
“The show”s blueprint for longevity and success,” says Dalton Ross, “lies in its ability to reinvent itself every single season while retaining elements of the original formula – physical challenges, Tribal Council, the dopey catchphrase 'The tribe has spoken' – that fans know and love. Because you have a new cast every season, there is always a brand new dynamic at play. It”s like pouring 18 to 20 different chemicals into a test tube, shaking it up, and seeing what happens. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn”t. But that”s what”s so genius about the formula: even if one season ends up being a dud, CBS gets to hit the reset button when it”s all over and start anew.” PLUS: Jeff Probst on whether All-stars will be brought back, and Probst considers the past 4 seasons in the Top 10 of all “Survivor” seasons.

“Suits” adds Neal McDonough
He”ll play an SEC investigator who investigates wrongdoing at Pearson Specter.

Singing shows are sinking: As “The Voice” disappoints, “Idol” had a disastrous night
“The Voice”s” ratings last night were way down from the last two seasons, while “American Idol”s” final performance show was watched by just 6.6 million, which as Josef Adalian notes was “the least-watched episode in the show”s history. Not the least-watched finale, but the least-watched episode, period, going all the way back to when the show was an infant in 2002, and (some) real human beings voted for Justin Guarini instead of Kelly Clarkson.”

Shark Week this summer will include “Air Jaws” and “Alien Sharks”
This year”s Shark Week, which kicks off Aug. 10, will also highlight unusual sharks like mutant sharks and sharks that glow in the dark.

The New Mexico Law Review is publishing a special “Breaking Bad” issue
The journal from the University of New Mexico School of Law”s special issue will tackle such topics as “Ethical Duties of Lawyers to Clients Involved in Drugs or Sophisticated Crimes.” PLUS: Vince Gilligan may direct commercials.

“West Wing” fan created a detailed website devoted to Season 2, Episode 18
Jon White”s website devoted to “17 People,” the 40th episode of the NBC drama, argues that that episode is the greatest hour of TV ever created.

Fox posts a farewell to “Almost Human” video
Watch one last look at the canceled robot cop series.

“Shameless” crosses out the “drama” in its Emmy ad
The Showtime series is now competing for best comedy.

Ben Savage is getting a “Girl Meets World” little brother
“The Glades” alum Uriah Shelton will play Cory”s little brother, known as “Uncle Joshua,” in the holiday episode.

Syfy”s “Dominion” poster inspired by Banksy
Just like Banksy subverts classical paintings, the Syfy series based on the film “Legion” uses the classic image of an angel in a contemporary gunfight.

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