Former ‘Ant-Man’ director Edgar Wright can now focus on Johnny Depp’s next remake

and 05.27.14 3 years ago

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In the wake of Edgar Wright”s surprise departure from “Ant-Man,” whose development predates Marvel Studios, Deadline offers two reminders: 1) “the power at that studio clearly resides with one person, Kevin Feige”; and 2) the director still has “Kolchak: The Night Stalker” at Disney.

With so much attention focused on “Ant-Man” and the conclusion of his Blood and Ice Cream trilogy with “The World”s End,” it”s easy to forget that Wright is attached to the big-screen remake of the 1970s supernatural drama, with Johnny Depp as his star.

The short-lived 1974-“75 television series, which influenced the creation of “The X-Files,” starred Darren McGavin as Carl Kolchak, a Chicago newspaper reporter with an interest in bizarre and supernatural crimes whose perpetrators ended up being witches, mummies, killer androids and even invisible aliens. A 2005 revival lasted just six weeks on ABC.

According to Deadline, the script by D.V. DeVincentis (“Grosse Pointe Blank”) is in “strong shape,” which seemingly leaves Depp”s availability as the big question mark (he”s shooting the Whitey Bulger biopic “Black Mass,” followed by the next “Pirates of the Caribbean”). Or maybe that”s merely a big question mark, as Wright”s tweeted photo of a downcast Buster Keaton, now deleted, may indicate his displeasure with working with a large studio – and it doesn”t get much larger than Disney.

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