Will TNT’s new ‘Dallas’ include a Bobby and Pam Ewing reunion?

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When TNT”s continuation/update/reboot/whatever you want to call it of “Dallas” premieres June 13 audiences will find out what Larry Hagman”s J.R. Ewing, Linda Gray”s Sue Ellen and Patrick Duffy”s Bobby are up to in the 21st century. But what about another original cast member: fan favorite Victoria Principal as Bobby”s erstwhile soul mate Pam?

Principal left “Dallas” in 1987, after nearly a decade on the show, and Pam was written off after a fiery car crash left her disfigured. The character briefly reappeared on the show one season later in the form of Principal lookalike Margaret Michaels, when it was revealed Pam underwent plastic surgery following the crash and was suffering from a terminal disease with only a year left to live. But the storyline ended there, and fans were left to wonder if Pam really did perish. Now, with the show”s revival rumors have been circulating that Pam”s return could be more than just wishful thinking.

“Every original cast member is an integral part of the history of the new ‘Dallas.” They have to be,” Duffy told Hitfix during an interview to promote the upcoming show. “[Executive producer] Cynthia [Cidre] has said that any actor who”s still alive who was on ‘Dallas,” the potential is they could appear. Victoria”s character never died on camera. Potentially that character could come back. ”

But would Principal come back too? She hasn”t accepted an acting job since Aaron Spelling”s short-lived 2000 soap “Titans,” and according to Duffy, that”s the sticking point. “The last time we spoke, maybe six months ago, she said she really has no desire to resume an acting career,” Duffy says. “She runs this empire she has of self-help, cosmetics, all this other stuff she”s doing and that”s her full-time passion. Maybe as a lark, but certainly not in any discussion that I know of. She would be welcomed!”

However, Bobby and Pam shippers may want to brace themselves. Even if Pam were to return Duffy says that Bobby”s new wife Ann (played by Brenda Strong of “Desperate Housewives”) has nothing to worry about. “Even if the show is able [to bring Pam back] I must say it wouldn”t be to resume the role of Mrs. Bobby Ewing,” Duffy says. “I think that [the writers are] married both literally and figuratively to the Bobby/Ann relationship, which I love because Brenda is unbelievable.”

For her part, Strong understands she has big shoes to fill in the eyes of many longtime fans. “Obviously the audience loves [Pam]. As they should, [she] was a great character,” Strong says. But she also echoes Duffy”s sentiments that the new Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Ewing are built to last: “Unless one of us dies, with the ability for us to work through problems that we have in this first season it definitely paves a very solid foundation for the future.”

“Dallas” premieres June 13 at 9 p.m. ET on TNT

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