With 1 week to go, ‘Big Bang Theory’ cast negotiations haven’t progressed

07.23.14 3 years ago

With 1 week to go, “Big Bang Theory” cast negotiations haven't progressed
Production is scheduled to begin one week from today, but little progress has been made.

Fox is using drones to promote “24: Live Another Day's” DVD at Comic-Con
“24” fans can take free drone lessons at Petco Park.

“Once Upon a Time” unveils a giant Comic-Con “Frozen” billboard
“Storybrooke has frozen over,” reads the tagline.

Ariana Grande won”t yank her brother from “Big Brother” to tell him their grandpa died
She tweeted this morning: “asked grandps last week if he wanted us to pull frankie off bb & he said “no way! he's gotta play the game even tho i don't understand it.”

Which “Game of Thrones” star will have the biggest movie career?
We”re starting to see some of the show”s younger stars, including Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, in movie roles.

FX boss: I was complimenting “True Detective” – not taking a shot at the HBO series
FX CEO was quoted as saying on Monday that “True Detective” creator Nic Pizzolatto “is going to have to prove he can write something truly great every single year.” But some outlets omitted the last three words.

Dear Ted Cruz: Don”t call “True Blood” a “misogynist” show
You can ding the HBO series for its politics, but “the show isn”t misogynist,” says Amanda Marcotte, “and not just because you can see Alexander Skarsgård or Ryan Kwanten in the altogether in any random episode. (Though having a show that panders to the female gaze as much as the male gaze is a quiet triumph.) No, it”s because in the topsy-turvy, screwed-up world of True Blood, female characters are allowed to be just as crafty, evil, autonomous, and straight-up horny as the men.”

TV Land”s “Impastor” pilot taps “Dexter”s” Aimee Garcia and “Episodes”” Mircea Monroe
They”ll join Michael Rosenbaum in the comedy pilot about a fake gay pastor.

Steven Moffat: There”s still a chance Peter Jackson could direct a “Doctor Who” episode
“He's still incredibly busy on The Hobbit. I've spoken to him face to face, and he would like to do one,” says Moffat. PLUS: Every “Doctor Who” Series 8, teased.

Billy Bob Thornton backs away from his anti-“Cupcake Wars” comments
The “Fargo” star ticked off the reality show”s cast when he said on “Oprah”s Masters Class” this week, “Seriously, it's not that G** damn dangerous to make a cupcake.”

Has “The Simpsons” been ruined by all the celebrity cameos?
“The show has a remarkably deep bench of established – beloved, even! – characters that it consistently casts aside in order to create episodes focused around celebrity guests,” notes Daniel D”Addario, who adds: “With very few exceptions, whenever a guest-star enters the fray, they become the absolute focus of attention, for whatever reason.”

“Drunk History” is actually a genuinely instructional documentary series
“The surprising part,” says Emily Nussbaum, “is that it”s … a perversely effective way to deliver historical information. As it turns out, drunk narrators are also passionate, unpredictable, and entertaining narrators.”

Meghan McCain: I”m not joining “The View”
The Pivot star and daughter of John McCain was rumored as a possible conservative voice for “The View” panel.

Questlove hopes to bring music back to TV with VH1″s “SoundClash”
Premiering tonight, the show aims to create, as The Daily Beast notes, “a television show that both forces your favorite artists out of their comfort zones and reflects our own eclectic modern musical tastes.”

“Orange is the New Black” gets to use music from any genre
The Netflix comedy hasn”t had any trouble getting music cleared and licensed. “It feels effortless,” says music supervisor Bruce Gilbert. “I”m contacted daily by publishers and managers asking ‘What do you need for the show?” It”s so nice to not be  able to tell them. I love that it can be absolutely anything.”

See how the TV set evolved
An infographic shows all the television variations, from 1928 to 2007.

“Cheers” stars reunite
See how some of the stars, including Ted Danson and “Norm,” look today.

“Arrow” Season 3: Here”s what”s happening
Exec producer Marc Guggenheim reveals some details on Season 3, before he heads to Comic-Con.

Check out the “How I Met Your Mother” Complete Series DVD box set
“The Whole Story” hits stores Sept. 23.

L.A. exhibit showcases “The Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design”
Check out outfits for everything from “Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” to “Orange is the New Black.”

“Turn”s” Angus Macfadyen joins “The Pinkertons”
He”ll co-star in the syndicated drama, playing the founder of the famous Pinkerton Detective Agency.

“The Killing”s” Mireille Enos welcomes her 2nd child with “Spin City”s” Alan Ruck
Son Larkin Zouey joins daughter Vesper Vivienne.

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