WWE seeking a new home for ‘Raw,’ ‘Smackdown’ and ‘Total Divas’

02.18.14 4 years ago

WWE seeking a new home for “Raw,” “Smackdown” and “Total Divas”

NBCUniversal didn’t renew the WWE shows during an exclusive negotiating window that ended over the weekend, but they still have the right to match competing offers.

Fox to FCC: Many “Family Guy” complaints are fake
Fox found complaints coming from “complaint mills” using bogus addresses.

Neve Campbell exits “Guilt by Association”

The “Party of Five” alum had a change of heart about the TNT legal drama pilot.

Stephen Colbert posts the selfie he took on Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” debut

Colbert tweeted: “#watchtcolbert #tivofallon.”

Jimmy Fallon has begun going gray, but he doesn’t plan to dye his hair

“My grandpa had all white hair, so I think that”s what I”m going to have,” says Fallon in a feature about “39 Things You Learn from Hanging Around Fallon.” PLUS: Taiwanese animators tackle Fallon’s debut.

Aussie “Rake” to stream on Netflix

Starting March 1, Netflix subscribers can watch the original version of the Greg Kinnear series.

“SNL” stars pay tribute to Seth Meyers

Watch a “backstage” video produced by “Saturday Night Live.”

“Conan” star Deon Cole is joining Rashida Jones on TBS’ “Tribeca”
He’ll play a police officer in the police comedy from Steve Carell and his wife Nancy.

Jimmy Kimmel’s wife tells all: How he wooed her, why they don’t carpool to work together

Molly McNearney also talks to Glamour magazine about how their office romance was revealed to the staff.

Omarosa is running for the L.A. school board

“The Apprentice” star’s next act: L.A. Unified School District board member?

“House of Cards” got hacking advice
Activist Gregg Housh advised the Netflix show to make Season 2 more realistic.

From The Onion: Netflix introduces new “Browse Endlessly” plan
What if you could watch Netflix without ever stopping?

“Keeping Up with the Kardashian” stars write a novel

“Rebels: City of Indra” is from Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

“Flowers in the Attic” is bringing back Dylan Bruce

He’ll reprise his role of Corrine’s husband in the sequel.

What would “Full House” be without Michelle Tanner?
A “Full House” fan has edited Michelle out, and the results are creepy.

Vanilla Ice: Kraft Mac n’ Cheese pitchman
Check out the reality star’s new commercial.

“The Vampire Diaries” adds 2

“Hellcats” star Heather Hemmens will romance Enzo, while Chris Brochu will bond with Elena.

Sharleen: “The Bachelor’s” most revolutionary contestant?
Here’s an appreciation of the 29-year-old opera singer.

Introducing the Infinite “Friends” Machine

What if you took the transcribed “Friends” scripts and regurgitated them in a procedural manner?

“HIMYM” is bringing back the 4th wall of MacLaren’s Pub
It hasn’t been seen since Episode 2, says co-creator Carter Bays. PLUS: Cobie Smulders poses for Esquire.

Check out Chipotle’s new Hulu show

Is “Farmed and Dangerous” starring Ray Wise the future of advertiser-produced TV shows?

“Silicon Valley”: Mike Judge recalls his experience working in the real Silicon Valley
Here’s a behind-the-scenes featurette from the HBO series.

Watch the 1st 12 minutes of Sundance’s “The Red Road”
The series about racial tensions in a small town stars Jason Momoa, Lisa Bonet, Tom Sizemore, Martin Henderson and Julianne Nicholson.

Lauren Conrad is selling her Laguna Beach home for $2.8M
Has the former “Laguna Beach” star had enough of Laguna?

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