Yep, that’s pretty much exactly what we thought Jared Leto as Joker would be

04.24.15 3 years ago

In what is sure to generate a ton of conversation, David Ayer has released a photo of the full Joker look for “Suicide Squad” via Twitter, and it's certainly striking.

Jared Leto is playing the character this time, and they've been teasing fans now for almost a full month with hints and glimpses. There was a paparazzi photo earlier this week of Leto on-set, showing someone a photo on his phone, and it looked like a finished Joker image.

Ultimately, there's not much mystery to the basics of how he's going to appear in the film. Green hair. Pale skin. Big smile. The things I'm curious about involve just how extreme they're going to make him, especially considering this sounds like a DC world where characters like King Shark and Solomon Grundy are running around.

What's clear is that this is a more real-world take on the Joker, more of a guy who has modified himself than the grinning Clown Freak. As a first take, I'm not really sure what my reaction is. I'll have to see him in context, see how Leto's playing him. This isn't what my ideal Joker looks like, but then again, this is one visual element out of a whole world that Ayer is going to be defining with his movie, and until we see the character in the film, any real reaction is premature.


What's clear is that much of the iconography for this next wave of DC titles is going to start with the Frank Miller work from the '80s, and it'll be interesting to see what other visual influences they pull in and make part of these films.

“Suicide Squad” will be in theaters

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