Yes, you saw what you think you did, that Deadpool Easter Egg is confirmed

02.18.16 2 years ago

Deadpool has been unleashed unto the world, and one of the first things many viewers said to one another after that post-credits homage, was, “Wait, did we just see a Helicarrier in Deadpool?”

For one heady moment, a world in which Fox”s Deadpool may intermingle with Disney”s Marvel Cinematic Universe unfolded before our very eyes. Alas, as Drew McWeeny points out in his review, that”s likely as close as we”ll ever get to SpideyPool.

See below:

Concept artist Emmanuel Shiu (via io9 & GeekTyrant) revealed that he was “was asked to redesign the Helicarrier so it looked as different as possible from the one in The Avengers. And it had to look like it had been taken apart in some places.”

It was a playful Easter Egg that”s unlikely to go much further than the fanfic in our minds.

While speaking with Drew in the interview below, writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese said that of course legally it”s not the Helicarrier…But, it is!

Did you notice it on your first viewing and think maybe, just maybe, we”d see Spider-Man and Deadpool together some day? Of course, that would be one complex three-way studio deal between Sony, Marvel, and Fox.

Worth it, though.

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