Zack Snyder nips any thoughts of a happy, bright ‘Flash’ movie in the bud


We are mere days away from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice kicking off Warner Bros 10-year plan for their DC Films franchise. Last week The Wall Street Journal confirmed neither Aquaman nor The Flash would be origin stories. Producer Charles Roven stated, “While each movie stands alone, they”re all part of one long arc of storytelling.” As both characters are appearing in the Justice League movie before their stand-alone films, this isn”t much of a surprise.

What might be a surprise? The tone the DCEU is going with for The Flash.

Part of the appeal of the DCEU is their decision to go with a multiverse. Freed from the constraints of every superhero inhabiting the same timeline, The Flash and Arrow can do their thing on The CW while Supergirl does her thing on CBS. All the while leaving enough room for the films to live in their own corner. With Ezra Miller playing the silver screen version of Barry Allen, director Zach Snyder wants to make it clear they”re different takes on the character. Speaking to the New York Daily News:

“I”m very strict with this universe and I just don”t see a version where…that (tone is) not our world.”

If fans were hoping for a brighter, happier Flash…one that cracks wise and fights villains like King Shark, adjust your expectations accordingly. It appears Barry Allen”s solo outing will be a more sober affair. Considering Warner Bros. has been adamant their superhero world is different – built on a framework of filmmaker-driven ideas – their universe is looking pretty homogeneous.

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