Yeah, Music! The ‘Breaking Bad’ Mixtape Is Here.

10.09.12 2 Comments

Recently our hip-hip-y bros over at the Smoking Section offered some advice to aspiring rappers. Here’s a bit of our own: if you want to get the attention of UPROXX editors, mix some Breaking Bad into your tunes.

That’s what this guy, Cody Walizer of Albuquerque (where else?!), did, and it certainly got my attention when it hit my inbox. So I gave it a listen and whatdoyaknow — this Breaking Bad-themed mixtape by Codyak, Walizer’s stage name, is actually pretty good.

Naturally, being the Breaking Bad overthinker that I am, I’m already of the belief that this is some sort of Vince Gilligan mindf*ckery. Yes, I’m pretty much convinced that when the show’s finale airs next year, we’ll see Jesse Pinkman in the final scene assuming a new identity in the witness protection program as a white rapper named…wait for it…CODYAK! And he’ll dance around the stage in a yellow meth lab suit.


Anyway, enjoy…

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