Antoine Dodson in court: ‘I don’t deserve to be here!’


In case you missed it, human supermeme Antoine Dodson was arrested last week for marijuana possession and some other minor stuff, forcing him to make an appearance in court to face the proverbial music. Sporting a do-rag (always a good court attire choice) and accompanied by a posse of two, Dodson told the only reporter at the scene — one dispatched by an Alabama NBC affiliate who has to be questioning his career choices right about now — that being charged with a crime “sucks” and that he doesn’t “deserve to be here” because “I never got in trouble for nothing in my life.” He also tossed in a meme-worthy “I got pulled over in my Beeennnzzz…run tell that!” just for extra measure — and that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I call him a human supermeme. The dude is always on, ready to go viral at a moment’s notice.

A court date has been set for July 19 in what will undoubtedly be the internet’s trial of the century. Here’s Antoine Dodson being Antoine Dodson…

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