Keeping America’s Constitution Relevant In A Rapidly Changing World Has Become Virtually Impossible

Features Writer
01.10.17 4 Comments


You don’t need to look very hard to see the kinds of problems facing this country today. Issues range from a broken healthcare system, faulty cybersecurity, a changing climate, mass shootings, and politicians that seem more beholden to corporate donors than their own constituents — and that’s just to name a few. Worse yet, these problems loom large without any clear, workable solutions on the horizon.

These problems aren’t going anywhere on their own, they have another thing in common: none of them are mentioned in our nation’s constitution. While we often look to our governing bodies to mobilize and help put real solutions in place, the staunch partisanship of today’s politicians makes passing new laws difficult to achieve.

As difficult as it has proven itself to be in recent years, passing legislation is a breeze when compared to the overwhelmingly difficult task of amending our constitution.

Even at its inception, the authors of our government how-to acknowledged that they wouldn’t be able to address every issue that would come to face our newly formed country, so in order to keep the constitution relevant in an ever-changing world, they added the option to change it via constitutional amendments into its framework, known as Article V.

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