Kanye brought the house down last night at Coachella, apparently

04.18.11 6 years ago

Did you know that Coachella was going on this past weekend? I didn’t! And while I’m not sure if that’s a thing good for my street cred or bad thing for it, I do know this — Kanye West closed out the three-day Indio, California festival in grand style with a three-act marathon performance, according to the chatter on just about the entire internet.

Writes Hypebeast:

Closing out this year’s Coachella fest, Kanye West delivered one of the most theatrical sets ever witnessed in the festival’s history. The opening of his performance took his art and showmanship to a whole new level. Kanye started his set by singing “Dark Fantasy” as he flew over the ignited audience on a futuristic crane while a throng of modern dancers went wild on stage. He then worked his way through the crowd and made it to stage. The rap superstar went into some of his biggest hits including “Jesus Walks” and “Can’t Tell Me Nothin.” When it was time to perform “Monster,” Kanye brought out one of his collaborators, Bon Iver. The true showman ended the night in style by performing almost all of his hits including “Love Lockdown,” “Heartless” and “All of the Lights” among fireworks. Definitely an adequate way to wrap up the festival.

There’s a stream of Kanye’s entire show here, and Hypebeast also has a collection of video clips from last night’s set. Kanye West is a bonafide Herculean tool, but good lord does the man ever put on a good show. Below is an embed of my personal fav.

And if you, like me, missed out on Coachella this year, fret not, for as the geniuses at Christwire point out below, the whole thing is little more than a Petri dish for human social disease.

The festival is a huge mask to make it seem like it is about music, but it is only about sex. Boys use drugs to make girls pass out or to make them not have the ability to fight back while they are performing a gang rape on them. The music is to cover up any type of screams or cries for help.

I couldn’t have put it any better myself. And look, they even provided a handy chart!

(Kanye photo via Rap-Up)

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