The White House Downplays Kushner’s Alleged Russian Ties By Claiming They’re ‘Not Concerned’ By Back Channel Communications

05.27.17 8 months ago

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The first real comment from The White House on the report that Jared Kushner sought a secret communication method with Russia attempted to keep Kushner out of the line of fire. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster spoke about the idea of a back channel communication with a foreign country earlier on Saturday, speaking at a press briefing that followed the completion of President Trump’s nine-day five-city foreign country tour. McMaster flat out told reporters the notion that the United States might create an off-the-books form of communication with another country is nothing new, so any reports indicating such a thing doesn’t particularly bother him according to The Washington Post:

“No,” McMaster said (when asked if Kushner’s behavior concerned him). “We have back-channel communications with a number of countries. So, generally speaking, about back-channel communications, what that allows you to do is to communicate in a discreet manner.”

He continued, “No, I would not be concerned about it.”

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