The Internet Responds To Hurricane Irene With Typical Class And Grace

08.29.11 6 years ago

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The internet responded as it always does to the prospect that a huge disaster might happen and then wasn’t as large as expected: with photoshops and sarcasm. Although it should be noted Hurricane Irene was genuinely worse for some people than others, we’re not here to bum you out with the bad news. Let’s focus instead on the aforementioned photoshops and sarcasm, like this OK Cupid profile for the storm which lists her as, “Just kind of blowing my way up the eastern seaboard; it’s like I go to Wellesley.” Oh, I love you, internet.

I Hurricane NY by Greg Leuch

This cat is ready.


“Anyone else remember this from The Addams Family?”

Thank you for being a friend.

@DeuceGambles was one of the people who were actually affected by Irene, but at least he has a good sense of humor about it.


Here is a summation of every weather newscast lately. (some NSFW audio)

Ben Churchill mashed up some classic film and TV scenes into one of Mayor Bloomberg’s many speeches from the weekend.

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This one was for the earthquake, but it seems applicable for some locations. 

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