Trump Appears To Be A/B Testing Russia Scandal Defenses On Twitter To See What (If Anything) Sticks

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02.16.17 16 Comments

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Donald Trump is still lashing out at the entire universe over negative coverage of negative acts (allegedly committed) by his administration. He’s also angry about this whole Russia mess, and everything is still “fake news” to Trump if he doesn’t like it. Early this morning, he began his daily Twitter thought dump by attacking the “low-life leakers” who exposed the truth about former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s phone calls with Russia.

Trump is celebrating how House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz has demanded an investigation by the Justice Department into who leaked the information about Flynn, which is amazing because Chaffetz refused to investigate Flynn himself after he misled VP Mike Pence over the nature of his interactions with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Trump’s crusade against “leakers” is a truly mind-boggling thing to behold, since he was absolutely over the moon over Wikileaks’ dumping of John Podesta’s DNC emails. Of course, U.S. intelligence found conclusive evidence that Russia hacked the emails and gave them to Wikileaks, and everything is all so circular that maybe we should all go back to bed and wait for Trump’s next rant … which, oh, it’s here already.

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