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WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 5/25/15

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What will happen on WWE Raw while you're outside getting drunk at a cookout? Find out inside!


Chris Jericho’s Social Media Got Hacked, And It Wasn’t Pretty

By | 25 Comments

Y2J's Twitter is back under his control, but someone is still wreaking NSFW havoc on his Instagram account.


Watch The Boogeyman Live Up To His Name As He Scares Kids At Recent Comic Convention

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Kayfabe demanded that The Boogeyman stalk some children this weekend.


WWE Champion Seth Rollins Was Animated Into An Arabic Cartoon And Had No Idea

By | 11 Comments

The WWE World Heavyweight Champion becomes Mr. Sparkle when he appears (without permission) in an Arabic wrestling cartoon.


Here’s What You Missed At This Weekend’s Inaugural Lucha Libre World Cup

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Find out who claimed victory when some of the biggest global stars in wrestling clashed in Mexico City for a huge tournament.


The Over/Under On Lucha Underground Episode 28: Tables, Luchas And Chairs

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The over/under on Lucha Underground episode 28, featuring a trios championship ladder match and the return of a major star.

Alberto El Patron

The Former Alberto Del Rio Says He Turned Down An Offer To Fight For UFC

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Also, was that rumored Golberg/Alberto kickboxing match actually a real thing?


The FBI Is Now Involved With The Hulk Hogan Sex Tape. Yes, Really.

By | 12 Comments

Gawker is suing the Federal Bureau of Investigation to better defend itself against the Hulkster's lawsuit. I swear I'm not making this up.


David Spade Thinks Ronda Rousey In WWE Is ‘A Step Backwards’

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Who better to weigh in on Ronda Rousey reappearing in WWE other than...wait, David Spade?

#Impact Wrestling

TNA Is Hitting Back At Cancellation Rumors

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TNA hasn't outright denied the Impact Wrestling cancellation rumours, however they're going to try to make sure they don't continue being spread.


Everything You Need To Know From Jeff Jarrett’s Appearance On Chael Sonnen’s ‘You’re Welcome’

By | 8 Comments

Jeff Jarrett had some honest and insightful things to say on Chael Sonnen's podcast about wrestling's past and future.

#David Letterman

David Letterman, Andy Kaufman, And The Interview That Changed Pro Wrestling In Popular Culture

By | 16 Comments

In 1982, Jerry Lawler and Andy Kaufman appeared on Late Night with David Letterman and forever changed pro wrestling in popular culture.

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Life In Pictures: A Guided Tour Through The Rock’s Getty Image Archive

By | 16 Comments

Have you ever seen a bad picture of The Rock? We bet you haven't.


Triple H And Stephanie McMahon Want To Change How Women Are Featured In WWE In A Big Way

By | 51 Comments

Of course there's one roadblock in their way, and I bet you know who it is.


Watch Samoa Joe Make His WWE Debut At Last Night’s NXT Live Special

By | 47 Comments

Independent wrestling hell has frozen over as former ROH and TNA World Champion Samoa Joe has finally made his WWE debut. Watch the clips.


NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable Results

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Quick and ditry, editorial-free NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable results. Yes, he debuted.

#Impact Wrestling

Destination America Has Reportedly Canceled TNA Impact Wrestling

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Unconfirmed reports are now coming out that Destination America has canceled Impact Wrestling.

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