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The Rock Is Quite Flattered By This Ridiculously Huge Leg Tattoo Of His Face

By | 3 Comments

Dwayne Johnson shared his appreciation of one unknown man's incredibly large tattoo of the action movie star's face.


Darren Wilson Compared Michael Brown To Hulk Hogan In His Grand Jury Testimony

By | 17 Comments

Officer Darren Wilson compared teenage Michael Brown to Hulk Hogan in his grand jury testimony. We aren't making jokes.


Here Are Mick Foley’s 3 Reasons He Shouldn’t Be Raw’s New General Manager

By | 15 Comments

Raw needs a permanent GM, and people like Mick Foley. So why does he think he should never be Raw's authority figure again?

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UFC’s Conor McGregor Vs. WWE’s Sheamus. Who Ya Got?

By | 6 Comments

Conor McGregor and Sheamus got into a heated twitter beef about who could whoop who's ass.


WWE Security Is Now Literally Trying To Prevent Fans From Saying CM Punk’s Name

By | 25 Comments

Yup, the solution to the CM Punk chants is to get even more heavy-handed. Totally.


Dark Match Dungeon: Dean Ambrose In TNA

By | 9 Comments

On this week's edition of Dark Match Dungeon, we watch WWE's lunatic fringe get a look from TNA.


WWE Raw Results 11/24/14

By | 25 Comments

Quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Raw results for November 24, 2014, featuring fallout from Survivor Series.


WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 11/24/14

By | 1,725 Comments

Your official With Spandex WWE Raw open discussion thread for November 24, featuring special guest star Larry The Cable Guy. Thread r dun!


Tyler Reks Revealed The Measly Take Home Pay Of The Average Low-Card WWE ‘Superstar’

By | 49 Comments

There's a good chance you're making more than a lot of the guys you see on WWE's top-rated TV shows.


New Japan Pro Wrestling Has Announced A U.S. TV Deal And You Should Start Getting Excited

By | 16 Comments

AXS TV has inked a deal to bring New Japan Pro Wrestling to America in 2015. In other news, AXS TV is your new favourite cable channel.


Did CM Punk Almost Sign With UFC Last Week? The Internet Says Yes.

By | 16 Comments

Is CM Punk headed to the UFC octagon? We have no idea! Here's why people are talking about it, though.


Here’s A 2008 Video Of Sting Explaining Why He’d Never Go To The WWE (Hint: It’s The Rock’s Fault)

By | 19 Comments

Sting made his WWE debut at Survivor Series last night. Back in 2008, he had a good reason why he'd never step foot in a WWE ring.


WWE Survivor Series 2014 Results

By | 74 Comments

Quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Survivor Series 2014 results. The show was headlined by Team Authority vs. Team Cena.


WWE Survivor Series 2014 Open Discussion Thread

By | 2,970 Comments

WWE Survivor Series 2014 is happening live on Sunday, November 23. As always, we're here to make jokes about it all show long.


The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 11/21/14: Feed Him To Me

By | 31 Comments

The Authority strikes back and Dean Ambrose reveals his survival kit on a more eventful than usual Smackdown.

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Friday Wrestling Conversation: Who Makes Up Your Survivor Series Dream Team?

By | 150 Comments

What five wrestles make up your ultimate Survivor Series Dream Team, and what gives them the edge over everyone else? Let's fight (politely with words) about it!


You Can Dress Like Tyson Kidd Thanks To This Awesome New Gear From Roots Of Fight

By | 3 Comments

The best commenters during Sunday night's Survivor Series PPV will earn some free clothes from Roots of Fight's new Bruce Lee collection.


It’s Ric Flair Vs. Dennis Rodman In The Video Game Showdown Of The Ages

Promoted by Shape Up

Ric Flair and Dennis Rodman finally go head to head.


Vintage Best And Worst: WWE NXT 1/18/11 Season 4 Episode 7

By | 20 Comments

The Best and Worst of WWE NXT season 4 episode 7, featuring Derrick Bateman figuring out how the game works and Conor as a shoot rat.

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