Extreme Rules

Daniel Bryan Has Officially Been Pulled From Extreme Rules And It’s Time To Get Worried

By | 24 Comments

Daniel Bryan has officially been pulled from WWE Extreme Rules 2015 and yes, that's the sound of angels crying.

Marvel Comics

CM Punk Is (Technically) Writing A Comic About Batista

By | 4 Comments

MMA fighter and nothing else CM Punk has been announced as the writer for an ongoing 'Drax' comic for Marvel.


Friday Wrestling Conversation: Who Do You Most Want To See Compete In A WWE Ring?

By | 83 Comments

For many, seeing Sting wrestling in a WWE ring was an incredible and surreal experience.


How A Diverse New Class Of Recruits Fits Into WWE’s Current Treatment Of Minorities

By | 112 Comments

JH Roberts explores the meaning behind the advertised diversity of the new WWE Performance Center recruits, and WWE has to do going forward.


Your Official With Spandex WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Predictions

By | 57 Comments

Here are our official picks and pessimistic analysis of WWE Extreme Rules 2015, the one night a year when WWE goes 'extreme.'


WWE’s Rusev And Lana Are Your New Favorite Hockey Fans

By | 32 Comments

WWE's Russian power couple showed up to declare their allegiance to the Nashville Predators.


Kevin Nash Says The Undertaker Almost Jumped To WCW During The Monday Night Wars

By | 77 Comments

In other news, Scott Hall hates Chris Jericho and Sting needs a spray tan.

jimmy kimmel live

John Cena Gave Guillermo’s ‘MUCHO’ An Exclusivo About Xena On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

By | 3 Comments

John Cena stopped by Guillermo's show 'MUCHO' to discuss his role in the upcoming XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS film. Exclusivo!


The Over/Under On Lucha Underground Episode 23: Fallen Angel

By | 66 Comments

The Over/Under on Lucha Underground episode 24, featuring the finals of the trios tournament and Sexy Star vs. Pentagon Jr.


Ric Flair Thinks His Daughter Charlotte Should Wrestle Ronda Rousey

By | 24 Comments

Wrestling legend Ric Flair is frustrated with the level his daughter is wrestling at, and thinks she should proceed straight to the final boss.

#Impact Wrestling

Rampage Jackson Says He’s Done With Pro Wrestling, And That It’s All TNA’s Fault

By | 9 Comments

MMA fighter Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson may never try his hand at professional wrestling again, and it's all TNA's fault.


Batista Says He’d Return To WWE, But He Wants The Chris Jericho Deal

By | 19 Comments

Big Dave is always being asked about an in-ring return, and if it happens, it probably won't be televised.


The Best And Worst Of WWE NXT 4/22/15: Alex Riley And The Ragiacs

By | 120 Comments

The Best and Worst of WWE NXT for April 22, 2015, featuring Kevin Owens vs. Alex Riley II and Dana Brooke as Miss Piggy, basically.


Eva Mania: Brian Kendrick Has Been Training Eva Marie In Preparation For A Big Push

By | 88 Comments

Check out Eva Marie kicking ass and slicing bread with Brian Kendrick.


Hideo Itami Called Out CM Punk In A Super Serious Twitter Blood Feud

By | 44 Comments

Hideo Itami CALLED OUT CM Punk for stealing the Go 2 Sleep in a deadly serious Twitter feud where everyone's very mad in real life.


WWE’s Lana Tweeted About Equal Rights, And The Responses Were Predictably Terrible

By | 46 Comments

WWE manager Lana expressed her frustration with the gender-driven wage gap, and you can easily guess exactly how the internet responded.


Keith Apicary Is The Only Contestant To Support For The New Season Of Tough Enough

By | 39 Comments

Get in on the ground floor of the future WWE legend that is Keith Apicary, Tough Enough hopeful.


Here’s A 21-Year-Old AndrĂ© The Giant Killing It In A ’60s French Martial Arts Movie

By | 24 Comments

Before he was The Giant, Andre was an actor. Here's his role as FIGHTER in a French judo movie from 1967.

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