The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 11/21/14: Feed Him To Me

By | 25 Comments

The Authority strikes back and Dean Ambrose reveals his survival kit on a more eventful than usual Smackdown.

Survivor Series

Friday Wrestling Conversation: Who Makes Up Your Survivor Series Dream Team?

By | 144 Comments

What five wrestles make up your ultimate Survivor Series Dream Team, and what gives them the edge over everyone else? Let's fight (politely with words) about it!


You Can Dress Like Tyson Kidd Thanks To This Awesome New Gear From Roots Of Fight

By | 3 Comments

The best commenters during Sunday night's Survivor Series PPV will earn some free clothes from Roots of Fight's new Bruce Lee collection.


It’s Ric Flair Vs. Dennis Rodman In The Video Game Showdown Of The Ages

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Ric Flair and Dennis Rodman finally go head to head.


Vintage Best And Worst: WWE NXT 1/18/11 Season 4 Episode 7

By | 20 Comments

The Best and Worst of WWE NXT season 4 episode 7, featuring Derrick Bateman figuring out how the game works and Conor as a shoot rat.

Survivor Series

Your Official With Spandex WWE Survivor Series 2014 Predictions

By | 88 Comments

With Spandex staff picks, predictions and analysis for WWE Survivor Series 2014, airing Sunday on free-per-view.

#Vintage Best And Worst

Vintage Best And Worst: WCW Souled Out 1997

By | 13 Comments

A look back at a pay-per-view so bad we had to write about Titus O'Neil fan fiction.


Hulk Hogan Showed Up At A Cavs Game And Threatened To Murder The Spurs Coyote

By | 5 Comments

In his latest random NBA promotional appearance, WWE legend Hulk Hogan put Moondog in a headlock and threatened the Spurs Coyote. Brother.


The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 11/12/14 and 11/19/14: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

By | 10 Comments

Two weeks of Impact jammed into one! Is it too much Impact for one person to handle? ...almost!


Brock Lesnar And The WWE Championship May Finally Return To Pay-Per-View At TLC

By | 36 Comments

Thankfully things that matter might start happening in WWE again in December.


Alberto Del Rio Says He And CM Punk Were In The Same Position In WWE And Made The Same Decision To Leave

By | 52 Comments

Alberto Del Rio gave his opinion on CM Punk's WWE walkout, and said they were in very similar situations at the ends of their runs.

WWE 2K15

Review: ‘WWE 2K15′ Could Use Some More Time In Developmental

By | 39 Comments

Unforunately 'WWE 2K15' is the Husky Harris of wrestling video games.


Kevin Steen’s NXT Debut Teaser Has Leaked And Says He’s ‘The Future’

By | 39 Comments

Former ROH champion Kevin Steen is now NXT's Kevin Owens, and a vignette for his debut has just leaked.


British Boot Camp 2, Episode 4 Recap: Anyways, Here’s Wonderwall

By | 8 Comments

Matches! This week has real wrestling matches! And one of them includes Grado!


Today In Nerdy Wrestlers: Sheamus Wants To Be Marvel’s Venom

By | 18 Comments

The Celtic Warrior reveals that he'd like to share the screen with Spider-Man. Plus, The Big Show wants to show up in Gears Of War.


The Best And Worst Of Main Event 11/18/14: No Humping

By | 23 Comments

Adam Rose asserts himself as the top cult leader in WWE, on a mixed-bag Main Event.


The Best And Worst Of WCW Monday Nitro 11/27/95: Planet Hulk

By | 33 Comments

The Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro for November 27, 1995, featuring the worst and most unstoppable Hulk Hogan of all time. Also, joshi!

#Impact Wrestling

TNA Impact Finally Announced Their New Network Television Deal

By | 25 Comments

Impact Wrestling finally has a new home. Will this be a real TNA TURNING POINT for the company?


Next Year’s Biggest Tag Team Is WWE And Warner Brothers


Warner Brothers and WWE have agreed on a big distribution deal that will kick off in January 2015.

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