#Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose Tries His Best To Avoid ‘Weirdo’ Fans On Social Media

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Ever get wigged out by some of the...odder facets to wrestling fandom? Don't worry, so do wrestlers.

#Jimmy Snuka

Jimmy Snuka’s Lawyer Is Questioning His Client’s Competency To Stand Trial For Murder

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According to his attorney, the disgraced former WWE Hall of Famer is may not be fit to stand trial


Happy 20th Birthday To WCW Monday Nitro, Still Our Favorite Mostly-Terrible Wrestling Show

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The first episode of WCW Monday Nitro aired 20 years ago today, from outside Hulk Hogan's pasta kiosk in the Mall of America.

PWI 500

Here Are The Five Things To Get Irrationally Upset About From This Year’s PWI 500

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Every year, Pro Wrestling Illustrated publishes their list of the top 500 wrestlers in the world, the PWI 500. Every year, it makes us mad.

#The Rock

Find Out What Happened When A Kid Tried To Give The Rock Fitness Advice

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If you're working out beside The Rock, let him do his thing.


Jennifer Tilly Thinks Chyna Should Be In The WWE Hall Of Fame. Yes, Jennifer Tilly.

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Of all the people in the world, here's actress Jennifer Tilly endorsing Chyna for WWE's Hall of Fame.


The Great Khali Has Given Us The Two Greatest Tweets Of All-Time

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If you don't follow The Great Khali on Twitter, you may have missed two of the greatest tweets of all time. Please enjoy these forever.

#Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose Proved He’s Not So Crazy By Admitting Renee Young Is ‘Far Too Good’ For Him

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Sorry Deanamaniacs, Renee Young being the catch of the relationship is now fact.

#Hulk Hogan

Bret Hart Says Hulk Hogan Is A ‘Phony Piece Of Sh*t,’ And The N-Word Was Frequent In U.S. Locker Rooms

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Bret Hart took over TSN's Periscope account to talk about Hulk Hogan, and the casual, regular racism of U.S. wrestling locker rooms.

Daniel Bryan

Watch Daniel Bryan Become ‘The American Dancer’ In Support Of Pediatric Cancer Awareness


Daniel Bryan may still be on the shelf, but he's willing to get physical (and goofy) for a good cause.

#Brock Lesnar

Well, Brock Lesnar’s Madison Square Garden Opponent Has Been Revealed

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Brock Lesnar's next match on October 3rd is set, and it's not going to make people happy.


John Laurinaitis Just Got Engaged To The Bella Twins’ Mom In The Ultimate Act Of People Power

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Kathy Colace, mother of the Bella Twins, announced her engagement to ... Big Johnny? Wait, seriously?

#Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan Still Can’t Stop Himself From Saying Offensive Things In Public


If you're trying to apologize for being racist, maybe don't tweet things that make it so much worse?


Check Out The First Trailer For WWE’s New Documentary, ‘Owen: Hart Of Gold’

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That Owen Hart DVD we heard about earlier this year is still happening, and now it has a trailer.


The Best And Worst Of WCW Monday Nitro 8/12/96: Hog Mild

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The vintage Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro for August 12, 1996, featuring a special look at WCW Hog Wild.

"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka

How Jimmy Snuka’s Own Stories Ultimately Led Police To Reopen His Murder Case

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Inconsistencies in the wrestling legend's own stories are what made police revisit the cold case of his girlfriend's murder.


The Assumptive WWE Smackdown Spoilers Report For 9/3/15

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Here's what happens on this week's Smackdown, straight from a source that hasn't watched the show and assumes the worst.


It’s All Uphill: Ranking The 10 Most Successful Post-Tough Enough Careers (So Far)

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We don't know if a new season of Tough Enough is coming, but we do know who successfully used the show to jumpstart their careers.