The Over/Under On Lucha Underground Episode 34: Which One Of Us Is Mexico

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The Over/Under on Lucha Underground episode 34, featuring Chavo Guerrero vs. Prince Puma, and a dissection of in-universe teleportation.

#Star Wars

Let’s Remember That Time Japanese R2-D2 And C-3PO Had A Pro-Wrestling Match


Here's some throwback footage of guys in awful Star Wars outfits wrestling. Cosplay wasn't always such an art form.


NXT Stars Becky Lynch And Bayley Are Both Dealing With Injuries

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Two of the core members of the NXT Women's division are on the shelf.


Now Doink The Clown’s Mother Is Suing WWE

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The family of the late Doink the Clown is continuing their lawsuit barrage against WWE, with Doink's mother joining the fray.


Stone Cold Steve Austin Hurt Himself Trying To Moonwalk In The Shower. What?

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According to a probably exaggerated story from The Steve Austin Show, Stone Cold Steve Austin hurt himself trying to moonwalk in the shower.

#The Rock

Check Out This Charmingly Dorky Picture Of A Baby Bo Dallas Hanging Out With The Rock

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The Rock also had some nice things to say about the guy he beat up on Saturday.


Vampiro Says WCW Was The Most Depressing Time Of His Life And ‘Kinda Ruined The Business’

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Vampiro spoke to Ring Rust Radio about his time in WCW, saying it was 'f*cking brutal' and a 'horrible, horrible experience.'

Daniel Bryan

Smosh Teamed Up With Hulk Hogan, Daniel Bryan And More To Impersonate ‘Every Wrestler Ever’

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Ever wanted to see Paige as Hulk Hogan? Xavier Woods as Stone Cold? Well, it happened anyways.


Tough Enough Stuff, Episode 2: Gator’s Game

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On this week's episode of WWE Tough Enough, the cast takes a dangerous swim. Also, someone says the dumbest thing ever.


The Assumptive WWE SmackDown Spoilers Report For 7/2/15

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Here's what we think about what happens this week on Smackdown, remembering that we haven't seen it and are jumping to conclusions.


Alex Riley Demonstrated His Lack Of Self-Awareness By Taking Shots At ‘Tough Enough’ On Twitter

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Alex Riley is trying to stop 'Tough Enough' from producing the next Alex Riley.

#Best And Worst Of Raw

The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 6/29/15: Kane Goes Hawaiian

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The Best and Worst of WWE Raw for June 29, 2015, featuring John Cena vs. Cesaro, and Dolph Ziggler failing to be an actual human being.


The Big Show Finally Admitted He And Brock Lesnar Didn’t ‘Break The Ring’

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Big Show finally admits he's been lying about one of the most memorable spots in wrestling for over a decade.


Watch WWE And Roman Reigns Fulfill The Dream Of A Man Dying Of Cancer

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Need a reminder that wrestling is great and can do great things? Meet Kenneth Fulcher.


Here’s The Gruesome Neck Scar From Tyson Kidd’s Spinal-Fusion Surgery

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Hey, want to see something gross? Here's Tyson Kidd's neck scar after his spinal fusion surgery.


Hulk Hogan Is Already Struggling With Kayfabe In His Sex-Tape Trial With Gawker

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Hulk Hogan is already struggling with kayfabe during his Gawker sex tape trial, brothers, but the judge says he can wear his nicest bandana.


In Case You Missed It, WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Is Banned From A Country Music Festival

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If you're hoping to run into Seth Rollins at New York's FarmBorough Country Music Festival, we've got some bad news.


WWE Raw Results 6/29/15

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Quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Raw results for June 29, 2015.

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