WWE’s Crummy Comic Might Be Cancelled

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Rumour has it that we might not get anymore things to not spend our money on.

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Your Official And Totally Biased Guide To Voting In This Year’s RSPW Awards

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We can't tell you how to vote in the internet's oldest fan-voted awards, but we'll at least try.

Ric Flair

Want To Hang Out With Ric Flair At A Hockey Game? Sure, Why Not

By | 2 Comments

Featuring a Syracuse Crunch player who is really, really Canadian, and really, really excited to meet Ric Flair.


The Friday Wrestling Conversation: Have You Ever Given Up On WWE?

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Was it the Nineties? The advent of the PG era? Literally five days ago? Let's talk about it!

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Impact Wrestling Is Viewable In Canada Again, Eh?

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Impact Wrestling finally remembered to Destinate Canada, too.


Mick Foley Used A Fanny Pack To Cheat In The Wing Bowl And Got Ejected

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WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley forever ruined his reputation by using a secret fanny pack to cheat in the prestigious Wing Bowl.

Daniel Bryan

Five Years Ago, Daniel Bryan Explained Why Everyone’s So Pissed About The 2015 Royal Rumble

By | 54 Comments

On a 2010 episode of NXT, then-rookie Daniel Bryan explained WWE's problem with Roman Reigns and why everyone's upset about the 2015 Rumble.


Is New Japan Pro Wrestling Buying Pro Wrestling NOAH? Here’s What We Know.

By | 23 Comments

Conflicting online sources are saying that NJPW now owns all or part of another major Japanese promotion. Is any of this accurate?


WWE Live Smackdown Results 1/29/15

By | 32 Comments

Here are your quick, dirty, commentary-free Smackdown results.


WWE Live Smackdown Open Discussion Thread 1/29/15

By | 806 Comments

Come discuss openly about tonight's live because of snow Smackdown!


Jim Cornette Refuses To Watch Lucha Underground Because He Hates Writers And…Burritos?

By | 47 Comments

Jim Cornette thinks Lucha Underground is like "hot dogs and burritos," and hates everything but Matlock.


6 Changes NXT Needs To Make To Improve Its Stars’ Success Rate On The Main Roster

By | 141 Comments

It may be time for NXT to make some tough changes if more of its graduates are to survive the main roster.


WWE Wants To Help The New England Patriots Cheat To Win The Super Bowl

By | 25 Comments

Cheating is an important part of making it in WWE, so here's a bunch of cheaters helping the New England Patriots cheat to win.


Former UFC Fighter Phil Baroni Is Training To Wrestle With D’Lo Brown

By | 3 Comments

Former mixed martial artist Phil Baroni is now training to be a pro wrestling with the help of D'Lo Brown.


Roman Reigns Just Gave Everybody A Free Month Of The WWE Network

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WWE wants to give you a free month of the WWE Network because NOTHING EVERYTHING'S FINE.


‘The Crippler’ Is The Latest Inductee Into The WWE Hall Of Fame. No, Not That One.

By | 32 Comments

On the heels of Macho Man Randy Savage and Arnold Schwarzenegger, WWE's inducting The Crippler into the Hall of Fame.


The Best And Worst Of WCW Monday Nitro 1/29/96: Hulk Hogan Turns Heel

By | 34 Comments

The vintage Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro 1/29, explaining what horrible things happen when Hulk Hogan gets hit with a shoe.

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Wrestling With Death Recap – Heel Turns and Divas


This week on Wrestling with Death, women's wrestling gets highlighted and there's a heel turn brewing!


The Snowed-In Raw Ratings Prove That None Of Us Really Matter

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WWE's canceled RAW brings in high ratings despite negative reaction to Royal Rumble.

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