Legendary WWE Announcer Jim Ross Cut A Promo To Celebrate Trent Williams’ New Contract

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Watch Jim Ross cut an impassioned promo celebrating one of his favourite former Sooners.

#Dean Ambrose

Watch Dean Ambrose Narrowly Avoid Getting Attacked By A WWE Fan

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Dean Ambrose had a close call with a boneheaded fan during the most recent Smackdown taping.


A WWE NXT Diva Was Caught With Nazi Imagery On Her Instagram Page

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Because what WWE needs most right now is more racist controversy.

#Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan Loves His WWE ‘Family’ And Wants To Be Trump’s Running Mate

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Hulk Hogan is all smiles when chatting with TMZ about his love for his 'WWE family' and taking on the presidency with Donald Trump.

#Dusty Rhodes

Important News: Darius Rucker Does A Pretty Good Dusty Rhodes Impression

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Singer Darius Rucker can do a pretty good impression of the 'American Dream' Dusty Rhodes, and this is extremely important.


Check Out Lucha Underground’s Cage In The He-Man Fan Film, ‘Fall Of Grayskull’


Lucha Underground's Cage stars as He-Man in a new fan film, "Fall of Grayskull", and here's the first sneak peak trailer.


Remembering The Late Darryl Dawkins, And The Time He Judged A Roddy Piper Boxing Match


Take a look back at the late Darryl Dawkins, and his contribution to WrestleMania 2.

Ric Flair

This WCW Announcer Had A Concerning But Unsurprising Reason To Stop Partying With Ric Flair

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Ric Flair's partying is just as legendary as his wrestling. So what made Tony Schiavone draw the line?


WWE’s Emma Lip-Synced To Run-D.M.C. With Her Tiny Niece, And The Results Were Crazy Adorable

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Can you be as jaded as Emma but still make magic happen? Yes. Yes you can.

Divas Revolution

Lance Storm Had The Best Perspective Yet On The Problems With WWE’s Divas Revolution

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The voice of reason in the debate about the WWE Divas Revolution is ... Lance Storm? Wait, really?


The Part Time Predator: Randy Orton Is Reportedly Looking To Work A Reduced WWE Schedule

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We may be seeing fewer vintage Randy Orton moments going forward if he gets his way.


‘Kayfabe’ Has Been Added To The Dictionary As Oxford Exposes The Business

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Now you can look up 'kayfabe' in the Oxford Dictionary. It's next to an Instagram of The Undertaker in street clothes, getting on a plane.


Wrestling Legend Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger Could Be Working More Dates For WWE

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We may get to see a lot more of the Japanese legend in WWE, and sooner than you think.

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WATCH: Is This The Reason We’ve Seen So Little Of Sasha Banks Since NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn?

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This fan-captured video might show exactly why we've seen less of Sasha Banks in the ring than any one of us wants.


Tough Enough Winners Josh And Sara Lee Discuss Their New Lives With WWE

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After Josh and Sara took home the $250,000 contracts, they talked to us about the next steps on their whirlwind journey.


Watch These Holy Cross Football Coaches Have A Baller Post-Practice Wrestling Match

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These two college football coaches had a SummerSlam main event of their own, and it was WAY less confusing. Promise.


Rapper Wale Wants To Start His Own Pro Wrestling Company

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After the success of his WrestleMania weekend WALEMANIA concert, rapper Wale is considering starting his own pro wrestling company.


The First One-Armed NCAA Basketball Player Will Get His Own Feature Film Courtesy Of WWE

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WWE Studios latest project will tell the incredible story of the former NCAA player and inspirational figure Kevin Laue.


Tough Enough Runners-Up Amanda And ZZ Discuss What’s Next

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Amanda and ZZ fell just short of WWE Tough Enough's ultimate prize. Find out what they have to say.