How Pro Wrestler Rey Mysterio Is Helping One Little Boy In His Fight Against A Brain Tumor

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This former WWE wrestler is lending his support to a young Canadian to help him through his radiation treatments.


Want To See Hideo Itami’s Gross Shoulder? Of Course You Do.

By | 9 Comments

NXT's Hideo Itami is out for 6-8 months, and this photo totally makes you understand why.

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Destination America Is Bringing Ring Of Honor To The Same Night As Impact Wrestling

By | 25 Comments

Destination America is bringing ROH to Wednesday nights, giving us further doubts about the future of Impact Wrestling.


Ronda Rousey All But Spelled Out That She And Dana White Are Setting Up A Surprise WWE Return

By | 13 Comments

When asked again about returning to WWE, Ronda Rousey laid out a very interesting "hypothetical" situation.


Get To Know Pro Wrestler Darren Young In This New Mini-Documentary

By | 6 Comments

Darren Young reflects on his experience of coming out while in the WWE, and introduces us to his mom in this new mini-documentary.

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The Future Is Nu: NXT Is Playing The Aftershock Music Festival

By | 23 Comments

NXT's tour returns to the west coast in October as WWE's stars of the future play ... a metal festival?


The Assumptive WWE SmackDown Spoilers Report For 5/28/15

By | 16 Comments

Here's what happens on this week's Smackdown. Close your eyes and try to guess!


Get Your Shirt Together, Guys: Why WWE’s Pulled Merchandise Shouldn’t Have Been Made In The First Place

By | 134 Comments

Imperialism? Domestic Abuse? These WWE shirts have been pulled, but the controversial designs shouldn't have made it to print in the first place.


Former MMA Fighter Gzim Selmani Is The Newest NXT Signee

By | 6 Comments

Former Bellator MMA fighter Gzim "The Albanian Psycho" Selmani is the newest NXT signee, probably because he's pretty huge.


One Less Match: Kevin Nash Wants A WWE Sendoff (And A Reality Show)

By | 18 Comments

KEVIN NASH RETURNS. That's what you may be seeing on a WWE TV graphic before Big Sexy hangs it up for good.


WWE May Be Giving Up On The WWE App, Is Canceling All ‘Second-Screen’ Exclusives

By | 28 Comments

Have you downloaded the WWE App yet? Have you? Have you? Have you? Yeah, well, WWE's done with it.

Ric Flair

Ric Flair Wants To Return To The Ring In Today’s Most Shocking Wrestling News

By | 20 Comments

Will The Nature Boy Ric Flair return to a WWE ring soon? There's only one thing stopping him ...


Dark Match Dungeon: Corey Graves Should’ve Stayed Down

By | 5 Comments

This edition of the Dungeon takes a look at NXT commentator Corey Graves as he steps inside a WWE ring for the first time.


WWE Raw Results 5/25/15

By | 19 Comments

Quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Raw results for May 25, 2015.

#WWE Raw

WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 5/25/15

By | 1,598 Comments

What will happen on WWE Raw while you're outside getting drunk at a cookout? Find out inside!


Chris Jericho’s Social Media Got Hacked, And It Wasn’t Pretty

By | 26 Comments

Y2J's Twitter is back under his control, but someone is still wreaking NSFW havoc on his Instagram account.


Watch The Boogeyman Live Up To His Name As He Scares Kids At Recent Comic Convention

By | 6 Comments

Kayfabe demanded that The Boogeyman stalk some children this weekend.


WWE Champion Seth Rollins Was Animated Into An Arabic Cartoon And Had No Idea

By | 14 Comments

The WWE World Heavyweight Champion becomes Mr. Sparkle when he appears (without permission) in an Arabic wrestling cartoon.


Here’s What You Missed At This Weekend’s Inaugural Lucha Libre World Cup

By | 10 Comments

Find out who claimed victory when some of the biggest global stars in wrestling clashed in Mexico City for a huge tournament.

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