John Cena And Nikki Bella Got Naked To Celebrate A YouTube Milestone

04.21.17 4 months ago 4 Comments

The Bella Twins YouTube channel surpassed 500,000 followers, so Nikki and fiancé John Cena celebrated the milestone in the only logical way: getting hella naked.

Letting people into their lives beyond the lens of Total Divas and their own spin-off Total Bellas has proved hugely successful for the two as a brand, as evidenced by a half million people signing up to see everything Bella. As they promised, Nikki and Cena stripped down to nothing but their carefully crafted and well-toned birthday suits to celebrate that success. Well, almost. By the end of the video the only thing Nikki was wearing was John’s massive fart. Superstars – they’re just like us!

The channel that’s brought you such hits as “Lightning bolts in Brie’s crotch?” and “Nikki Bella is grossed out by Brie’s prego belly button in San Diego” is a look into the private lives of the current and former WWE Superstar twins. Brie has used the channel to document her pregnancy and teach people how to freeze maxipads to relieve ravaged post-birth ladyparts. Nikki’s side of things is slightly different from her sister’s, giving a behind the scenes look at her WrestleMania comeback and pretending to be AJ Styles. God bless us, everyone.

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