Ask Alan: Who’s the most quotable character in TV history?

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03.04.16 27 Comments

Happy Friday, everyone! Time for a new installment of Ask Alan.

On this week’s episode (embedded at the top and bottom of this post), I attempt to figure out if there’s any way for the Emmys to properly acknowledge the many great shows of Peak TV in America, talk about some shows that actually improved when their original creator left(*), and don’t take very long identifying the most quotable TV character of all time. (Trigger warning: I may in fact sing my answer.)

(*) Two answers that occurred to me after the video was already recorded, both from AMC: 1)The Walking Dead, where Frank Darabont made the show’s best episode ever (the pilot), then presided over a mostly terrible first season (remember the gangbangers in the nursing home?) before giving way to Glen Mazzara and then Scott Gimple, whose tenures have had their own issues, but have on the whole been better; and 2)Rubicon, where creator Jason Horwitch was forced out after the pilot was made, with the late Henry Bromell taking over. I don’t know what Horwitch’s full series version would have looked like, but that was a muddled pilot, and Bromell’s changes were significant improvements from it.

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