‘Bent’ – ‘HD’/’A Game’: The day the music died

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03.28.12 35 Comments


A quick review of tonight’s two episodes of “Bent” coming up just as soon as I make a couple of Pop Tarts in your mind kitchen…

“HD” and “A Game” were the middle chapters in what is likely going to be only a six-part story, and they continued to emphasize both the strengths and the few weaknesses of “Bent.”

On the plus side, there’s the interaction among the crew, and particularly their constant hazing of Back Fat Gary. And there’s David Walton together with Amanda Peet, but also the way that the show keeps Ben very present in between Pete and Alex, not just as an obstacle, but as a good guy who’s 100% aware of the threat Ben poses, who’s amused by the challenge, and who manages at times (particularly during “HD”) to use Pete’s shenanigans against him and move things along with Alex.

On the minus side there is, unfortunately, Jeffrey Tambor as Walt. I love Tambor, as any right-thinking comedy/”Arrested Development” fan must, but Walt as frustrated actor really feels like a misfire. Father/son scenes between Walt and Pete are much better, though, and in a world where “Bent” returned for a second season, I’d like to think Tad Quill would see that and reconfigure how he uses Walt (maybe making Walt a part of the crew?). In this world, though, it’s the one blemish on a show I’m otherwise enjoying tremendously, even as I assume these six are all we’re going to get.

What did everybody else think?

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