‘Big Love’ – ‘A Seat at the Table’: The gangster’s daughter

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01.23.11 29 Comments


As I’ve said, most weeks with “Big Love” I’m not going to bother with a write-up, and simply give those of you still watching a chance to comment. On thing I’ll note is that this is the second episode in a row to climax with Bill seeming to accept that his decisions in life may not have been the wisest. (Here it was in his offer to Margene.) I still wonder how sincere any of it is, though; as a commenter noted last week vis a vis the comparable scene with Don, Bill means pretty much everything he says in the moment, but then quickly changes course as soon as his next brainstorm (or “message from Heavenly Father”) arrives. Does what he said here matter to you? And is Nicki more or less tolerable now that she’s trying to dress and act like a member of the modern world?

What did everybody else think?

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