Contest: The Firewall & Iceberg video show needs a theme song!

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09.13.13 8 Comments

From the beginning, Firewall & Iceberg has relied on audience feedback. We answer your questions most weeks. We took our name from a listener suggestion. A week ago, we asked for your feedback on the logo for a video version of the show that we’re working on, hopefully to launch in October. (The winner, overwhelmingly, was the version with the classic color bars reminiscent of the audio podcast’s logo.) And now we’re hoping we have some musical geniuses in the audience who might want to provide the video show with a theme song.

Here’s the deal: we need a 30-second music sample (and one that can also work at 10 seconds, depending on formatting issues that are still being discussed). It can have lyrics. It can have no lyrics. It can be heavy metal. Ska. Hip-hop. Barbershop. Whatever you think says “Firewall & Iceberg” (aka “Two guys bicker about TV”) and is musical, send it to us. Dan and I will pick a winner, and that winner will be credited in the show, in addition to their song being played at the top.

Some legalese:

* Entrants must be the full rights owners of the song.

* Entrants must be willing to sign something granting HitFix the full rights to the song

* By submitting a song, you agree to the full contest rules which can be found here: Official rules.

All entries should be emailed to

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