‘Louie’ – ‘Dogpound’: Because I got high

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A review of last night’s “Louie” coming up just as soon as I’m too busy wearing those shorts…

Before last night, each episode of “Louie” (including the two that aired while I was at press tour, which I saw but didn’t have time to review) has featured two distinct stories. Sometimes one is brief and the other is long, but the gimmick is we get multiple vignettes about Louie’s life, with stand-up wrapped around them.

“Dogpound,” as the single title would suggest, essentially devoted the whole episode to a single story. I suppose you could treat each act – Louie gets high, Louie is hungover, Louie buys an old dog that immediately dies – as a separate story, but all spin out of his loneliness and depression from not having his daughters around for a week.

And, as always, “Dogpound” features the show’s winning blend of the surreal, the whimsical and the outright dark.

Every episode of “Louie” is told from Louis C.K.’s distinct, self-loathing point of view, but “Dogpound” did an especially good job of putting you inside Louie’s head, whether it was the paranoia that came from smoking weed for the first time in a long time, or the rest of humanity seeming very much like a gibberish-spouting(*) zombie apocalypse the morning after. (One question: was the commercial about the woman who needed to cover her vagina supposed to also reflect Louie’s semi-altered state, or just be a random background gag?)

(*) And C.K. certainly has experience at writing gibberish, as the man behind “Pootie Tang.” I’m gonna sine your pitty on the runny kine!

I don’t necessarily have a lot to say about this show every week, but I love it.

What did everybody else think?

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