Reminder: ‘Friday Night Lights’ season 5 debuts on DVD

04.05.11 6 years ago 9 Comments


Just a reminder that the second leg of the “Friday Night Lights” season 5 release schedule takes place today, when the entire final season is released on DVD, several months after the season premiered on DirecTV but 10 days before any of the episodes air on NBC. (And several months before the finale airs on NBC, obviously.)

Not long after this weird/backwards release schedule was announced, I decided the best way to deal with it would be to wait for the NBC airings to bump up the publish date of each of my reviews. But if you intend to start marathoning season 5 starting today – and I would not blame you, since after a sluggish start it’s another fantastic seasons for one of my all-time favorites – you’ll just have to go back and look at the section of the site that has all my “FNL” reviews. (Right now, that link takes you to the page with the most recent reviews; the season 5 stuff starts on the second page with “Expectations.” Once I start changing the publish date to coincide with the NBC airings, things may seem out of order for a while, so just look for the right episode title.)

Also, let me make this the first – and hopefully only required – request about the comments. Because there was a desire to do only one version of each review – allowing the latecomers to see how the DirecTV (and in this case DVD) folk reacted to each episode as they saw it, I’m going to ask everyone to step very lightly about spoilers. Some of you will have seen all the episodes before you begin (or resume) commenting, while others will be watching them one week at a time on NBC. So please limit your comments only to events up to the episode you’re currently discussing. Do not reveal or even hint at any plot details from episodes that have yet to air on NBC. We want to let everyone who is watching on their own weird schedule thanks to the NBC/DirecTV/DVD split to be as surprised by things as we were. Thanks.

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