Review: ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ – ‘Boyle’s Hunch’: Jailhouse romance?

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10.11.15 11 Comments


A quick review of tonight’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” coming up just as soon as I can prove intent to fart…

By now, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a stage where it has a lot of old reliables, joke-wise. Anytime a scene needs a laugh, the show can always lean on Terry announcing his like of something unexpected, or Holt uttering an amusing word or phrase (or, really, Holt saying any words at all, as we saw last week with “Paaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiin”), or Santiago struggling to contain her enthusiasm for something no one else cares about.

Or, as we got throughout the very funny A-story of “Boyle’s Hunch,” the show can always go to Boyle being disgusting on the subjects of food and/or sex.

The week after one of Charles’ flings was ruined because Lt. Singh turned out to be a vegan, he runs into an attractive woman (played by Chloe herself, Mary Lynn Rajskub) who’s interested in all the same weird food he is, and is only turned on the grosser and more inappropriate he is about sex. This was a great Joe Lo Truglio showcase episode, but also for Andy Samberg’s reactions to everything coming out of his mouth (“You and me, getting a lady off together!”), and about the only complaint I have with that plot is that it didn’t do enough with the ubiquitous James Urbaniak as Genevieve’s ex.

The subplots were both solid, particularly the horrifying payoff – “There are no winners here” – to Rosa and Terry’s attempt to prove Hitchcock and Scully stole her ice cream. Those two idiots tend to work best when they’re reveling in their own awfulness. And Gina making fun of Amy is another one of those go-to moves the show does so well.

What did everybody else think?

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