‘The Event’ – ‘Protect Them From the Truth’: That’s it for me!

Senior Television Writer
10.04.10 70 Comments


As I mentioned last week, after “The Event” pilot aired, NBC sent out screeners of episodes two and three. I saw some improvements in episode two, but only enough to push me from outright disgust towards apathy. Then I watched tonight’s episode, and realized I was perfectly happy cutting the cord. Specifically, the climactic developments at the Yuma FBI station made me laugh much more than I suspect the creative team would have wanted me to.

I don’t care what The Event is (other than a source of frequent Twitter humor), don’t care about any of the characters (in spite of Jason Ritter’s almost superhuman likability) and find the whole thing to be rather silly.

So that’s it for me. What did everybody else think?

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