Why I’ll miss ‘Community’: Because Donald Glover crying is never not funny

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12.15.11 59 Comments


“Community” technically isn’t gone from NBC just yet. On the East Coast, NBC just got finished rerunning “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas,” and we’ll have at least one or two other repeats before “30 Rock” takes over the timeslot in January and “Community” goes on an indefinite hiatus. As I said last week, this isn’t forever. NBC will have 12 episodes sitting around, and some of their scheduling moves are going to fail, and “Community” will be back to at least finish out this third season.

Because I’m unhappy that “Community” is going away for a while, and because I don’t want us to forget about the show while it’s gone, I have a simple plan: every Thursday night, from now until either NBC announces a return date and timeslot, and possibly until the show is actually coming back on the air, I’m going to do a post like this one featuring a clip or clips that illustrate some aspect of the show that I’m going to miss while it’s gone. And we can talk about that aspect, or about the show in general, or just laugh at it, move on and return the following week for more Greendale hilarity.

First up is what I consider by far to be the most reliable source of humor on the show: Troy Barnes sobbing like a little kid, usually while trying to speak at the same time. Some people are just funny criers (Lucille Ball, for instance), and Donald Glover fits well into that tradition. Troy crying always, always, always makes me laugh, and here are two videos: one a montage of season 1 & 2 Troy crying scenes, the other a collection of Troy’s unfortunate encounter with LeVar Burton from season 2. Enjoy, and talk about whatever you want, “Community”-wise, in the comments.

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