Why I miss ‘Community’: Because Troy and Abed built a blanket fort

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01.19.12 31 Comments


NBC’s Thursday lineup is once again about to start without “Community,” which means it’s time once again for me to post a video illustrating exactly why I’m going to miss the show for as long as it takes NBC to put it back somewhere on the schedule.

One of the things I love about “Community” is that while Greendale Community College could very easily seem like a small, depressing place where our characters have landed because they didn’t have better options, it’s actually a wide-open canvas where anyone’s dreams – or nightmares – can come true, even if only for a little while.

That most famously happened in the first paintball episode, and I imagine we’ll get to some “Modern Warfare” footage (or maybe Annie as a spaghetti Western heroine) before NBC gets around to announcing a return date. But tonight, I want to talk about another example of that: the blanket fort-turned-city that Troy and Abed built in season 2’s “Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design.”

Troy and Abed have lots of ideas, and they try to live them all out as often as they can. These two, after all, have chosen to sleep in yet another blanket fort in their apartment so they can leave the second bedroom empty for use as a “Dreamtorium.”

Rarely, though, has one of their ideas taken on a life of its own quite like the blanket fort, which began in Abed’s dorm room and quickly spread throughout the building, where it eventually developed a Turkish district, a system of government, and even a civil rights museum.

These are all the blanket fort scenes from the episode. Enjoy, and feel free to talk about any and everything “Community” related while we spend another week without it.

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