Why I’ll miss ‘Community’: Because we are about to enter the darkest timeline

Senior Television Writer
01.05.12 26 Comments


Okay, tonight’s the night, “Community” fans. NBC is about to rerun the last episode of the show that’s currently scheduled to air on the network. While we know the remaining 12 episodes are going to air sometime, somewhere(*), for the moment, “Community” disappears from our televisions.

(*) Conveniently, it’s NBC’s day at the TV critics’ press tour tomorrow, and I imagine Bob Greenblatt will be fielding a question or three about this show – just as, unfortunately, I imagine Greenblatt is going to give us nothing in the way of concrete answers about its return. (For him to know where it will be would require him to know which mid-season moves will fail, and even if he has an idea that, say, the “Whitney”/”Are You There, Chelsea?” bloc will be a mess, he’s not going to admit to that before it debuts.)

And with the impending absence staring us in the face, it means that there can only be one choice for this week’s Why I’ll Miss “Community” (about to become Why I Miss “Community”) clip: Evil Abed explaining how the events of “Remedial Chaos Theory” led them all to become trapped in the darkest timeline.

So strap on your felt goatee, enjoy Troy’s artificial voicebox, and start talking about what, if anything, you plan to be doing to keep the “Community” flame alive during the gloomy period ahead of us.

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