The Best And Worst Of WWE Money In The Bank 2012

By: 07.16.12

Worst: Really? Cena Again?

I think I speak for all post-pubescent wrestling fans out there when I say that nobody wanted Cena to win. Sure some it has to do with the fact that he’s been the same guy for a decade and makes timely Star Wars references, but that’s not all. Cena may have “needed” to be the Rock and he “needed” to beat Lesnar, but he didn’t need this match. Even if he lost MITB, he could walk in the next night, ask for a title shot and deserve it. Having Cena win the briefcase means very little in the big picture.

Unlike Sheamus, Cena can’t cash the case in at an opportune time and take advantage of a situation. He’s going to give proper notice and make it a fair fight. Even if they make him the first person to cash it in and lose, it doesn’t mean anything. He’s still going to show up every night, work hard blah blah blah. To Cena’s credit, he is the first person I’ve ever heard of that’s able to “muscle out” of a choke hold by just flexing hard. Maybe all those wrist bands aren’t just because they look cool. I think they restrict his blood flow so much that he can now survive without oxygen. Brilliant.

Best: Cena’s Victory Face

This picture pretty much sums up everything

Best: Top 10 Comments Of The Night


It’s just a little brogue kicked! It’s still good! It’s still good!


That Money In the Bank contract is Cena’s only way out of the main event.

Tobogganing Bear

The Sky Mall ladder!


AW has invested in audio technology Jimmy Hart could only dream of.

Mr Snrub

Arizona crowd was confused: There’s racism, but it’s from the people we should boo.


That explains the homeless guy that was screaming “I have til 5!” as he was escorted out of the mall today

Lobster Mobster

Jerry Lawler’s motto regarding women:

If there’s grass on the field, see if she’s got a daughter.


We’re gonna have try-outs!!”


I hope the writer who was able to name six divas got a gift card to Subway or something.


“The briefcase like a hot potato!”

Out runs Sheamus.

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