Dwight Schrute Destroys The Rim, Invites Blake Griffin Into His Van

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Blake Griffin has a torn meniscus and a strong desire to be everyone’s favorite, post-Shaq “funny athlete”, so he’s got a lot of free time to show up on YouTube chat shows and joke about being home schooled. Today’s appearance is on ‘Metaphysical Milkshake’, the latest effort from SoulPancake and The Office star Dwight Schrute Rainn Wilson. It’s one part Between Two Ferns, two parts Jon Benjamin Has A Van and minus three parts Zach Galifianakis and H. Jon Benjamin.

Regardless, Griffin has always been a funny interview, so it’s as enjoyable as always to watch him ask for Steve Carrell’s phone number and reveal that he texts pictures of his junk to comedians. Oh, and he quit the Olympic team because he’s afraid of “most of the Chinese big men”. Good stuff.

Video is below. /Halpert face

It’s weird watching Rainn Wilson in anything now that doesn’t devolve into three different romance stories.

[h/t Ball Don’t Lie]

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