The Finale

The 2010 Finale: 100 Other Great Songs We Enjoyed

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<a href="">Graphic: <a href="">P</a> The songs listed here are not necessarily the absolute best songs of 2010.

#Jay Z

Nicki Minaj Had The Most “Monstrous” Verse Of The Year

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<a href=""> Oh where was this lil' cretin when her album was on its way <a href="">to Bricksville</a>.


It’s Been A Pleasure, 2K10: The 15 Best Hip-Hop Albums Of 2010

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Albums have lost their allure to customers, at least that's the impression we're given.


Hail Justo 2K10: The 20 Mixtapes That Should Have Been Retail

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<a href=""> Evolution is an inevitable part of the human cycle, but it is still remarkable how modifications can settle in so quickly. Take the "mixtape" for example. As the primary blood vessel that keeps an artist's promo alive and thriving, it has progressed and weened itself off of DJ shouts, unsolicited gun shot sound effects and neverending tracklists to the point where it is indistinguishable from a retail album. Aside from the price tag, that is. In a perfect world, the majority of these artists and projects would have major backing behind them but since we're still operating in the 2K10 Beta stages, they were given out only for your will to download. To honor their efforts, we've selected the 20 best freebies that made it cool to hoard MP3's. Oh yeah, #FreeOnSMASH. <a href=""> <a href="">Yelawolf & DJ Burn One - Trunk Muzik</a> -- The Alabama rap tide kicked in 2010 with a distinct aura, that for the most part, wasn't rivaled by his competitors.

The Intermission

The 2010 Intermission: 75 Great Songs We’ve Enjoyed So Far

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The first few months of the new decade have been bountiful for music and its fans.

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